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Connect With Locals: Des Moines Networking Groups And More

As a Top 15 Best Place to Live in the U.S. according to U.S. News & World Report, Greater Des Moines (DSM) residents feel a unique sense of ownership and pride in their community. Whether you’re someone who’s moving to DSM, a new resident or a Des Moines native, there are endless opportunities to meet people in DSM. Here's how you can connect:

Connect With Greater Des Moines Enthusiasts

Join the #DSMUSA Facebook Group to see and share posts about the latest Des Moines events, rankings, news and more! Members also show off their favorite restaurants and report the sights and sounds of the arts and culture scene. Join today and search on Facebook for other local DSM networking groups! From food lovers and photographers to babywearers and board gamers, there are grassroots groups for everyone.

Be a DSM USA Ambassador

If you love DSM, sign up to be a DSM USA Ambassador! DSM USA Ambassadors are passionate local residents and community leaders who want to share their love for DSM! If you sign up to be a DSM USA Ambassador, you'll be encouraged to share about DSM awards, rankings and community and business development news.

You don’t have to have a lot of followers - just a lot of enthusiasm for Greater Des Moines!

Connect With Business Professionals

There are endless options for professional groups to join in DSM. Many DSM networking groups are local chapters of national professional organizations and associations. Look to see if your industry’s associations have networking groups in DSM.

Find more local DSM networking groups and events, and learn about professional development opportunities in DSM.

Connect With Young Professionals in DSM

If you’re a young professional, DSM is a fantastic place to live and work. Get involved with the Young Professionals Connection, a group focused on encouraging young community leaders to connect with each other and their communities. Learn more about YPC. 

Connect With DSM Neighborhoods

Greater Des Moines residents can learn more about DSM neighborhoods and find opportunities to meet their neighbors. Individual community websites will post information about local news and events, and residents can connect with neighbors on local online message boards like Nextdoor.com.

Connect With Fellow New Residents

New to the region? You are invited to a meet-and-greet with fellow new residents! Future welcome reception dates are posted on The Partnership calendar.

Connect With Volunteer Opportunities in DSM

Looking for volunteer opportunities in DSM is a great way to meet new people. Find volunteer groups to join in DSM, by taking a look at this list of DSM nonprofits and organizations.