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Awards & Events

Inclusion Award

The Inclusion Award is awarded by the Greater Des Moines Partnership to honor employers who have championed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at their businesses and organizations and in the community.

2021 Inclusion Award Nomination

The award is presented at the Inclusion Summit on Nov. 10, 2021. To qualify for the Inclusion Award, organizations must be a regional Member or Investor of The Partnership.

Award categories by size of organization:

  • Small (1 – 150 employees)
  • Medium (151 – 500 employees)
  • Large (More than 500 employees)

The Partnership's 2021 Inclusion Award is now open for nominations. Deadline for submissions is Sept. 21, 2021.

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2020 Inclusion Award Winner



Learn more about previous Inclusion Award winners.

Untapped Talent 2020 Series

The Untapped Talent 2020 Series provides an in-depth exploration about each of the untapped talent groups and how they can be key to meeting your workforce needs. More event details to come. 

African Americans

Untapped Talent: African Americans featured panelists Will Holmes, Dennis Henderson, Negus Snakofa Imhotep and Nancy Richardson. Watch the webinar here.


Untapped Talent: LGBTQ+ featured panelists Shea Daniels, Courtney Reyes and Sonia Reyes-Snyder. Watch the webinar here.

Persons with Disability

Untapped Talent: Disabilities featured speakers Kyle Horn and Michelle Krefft.


Untapped Talent: Veterans featured panelists Jathan Chicoine, Lieutenant Colonel Philip Turner, Becky Coady and Scott Silvay.

Multicultural Receptions

The Partnership's Multicultural Receptions are special hallmark events for the organization. The receptions began in 2003 as a way to connect new Iowans to the community through a local, inclusive networking event. These receptions offer a unique opportunity to connect with community leaders and organizations that have an inclusive focus, all with the hope that through an environment of connectivity and inclusion we can retain this very important workplace population in our community.

The Multicultural Receptions take place every February, May, August and November. Each reception attracts approximately 250 to 500 attendees and is hosted by regional members. The receptions in November include a formal recruitment element with a career fair.

For questions about or to inquire about hosting a Multicultural Reception, contact:

Sanjita Pradhan  |  Director of Diversity and Inclusion
(515) 286-4988

For a list of upcoming Multicultural Receptions, visit the events page.