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Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Untapped Talent in DSM USA

As one of the nation's fastest growing centers for business, Greater Des Moines (DSM) understands and endorses the importance of maintaining a vibrant and diverse workplace.

Cities that will win in the 21st century are ones who are able to tap into the potential of all kinds of individuals, able to create a welcoming, inclusive and equitable environment where everyone is able to bring their whole self to work, feel belonged and use their full human potential.

With rapidly changing demographics and the ‘war for talent’ being the number one priority for HR leaders, focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is going to be a key business strategy for businesses to attract and retain diverse and untapped talent.

Inclusion is one of the core values and priorities of the Greater Des Moines Partnership.


The Greater Des Moines Partnership has been doing diversity and inclusion work for more than 25 years. The first 'Diversity Charter' was signed by more than 200 CEO's in 1995, as a commitment to diversity and inclusion work as a key business strategy for growth, innovation and competitiveness in the 21st century.

Here are some key DEI resources and intiatives of The Partnership.

DEI resources below provide an overview of statistics and issues faced by each group, community organizations to reach out to for help, funding and advantages of working with them and hiring them and opportunities to tap into their potential to fulfill talent needs:

Inclusion Council

The Partnership's Inclusion Council is comprised of members from regional businesses in addition to nonprofit and education representatives who are dedicated to creating inclusive corporate cultures and growing varied customer bases. The mission is to share best practices around DEI, celebrate success of companies and organizations that are doing great work in this space and inspire action to participants, members and the community at large. For more information, visit the Get Involved page.