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Greater Des Moines Restaurants and Nightlife

Greater Des Moines (DSM) is the place of foodie flavor. Thanks to Iowa’s agricultural roots, DSM USA boasts restaurants offering farm-to-table eats, along with locally-owned restaurants and bars, craft breweries and local wineries. The nation is taking notice: In addition to numerous James Beard-nominated chefs, local eateries featured on "The Food Network" and "The Travel Channel" is a frequent occurrence in Greater Des Moines.

From Downtown Des Moines (DSM) to each suburb and neighborhood throughout the region, you’ll quickly learn to love Greater Des Moines’ vibrant patios, happy hours, neighborhood watering holes and much more. We’re sharing some of the best places to eat in Greater Des Moines, along with Greater Des Moines bars and breweries.

Watch the video below to hear about local restaurant and brewery recommendations in DSM USA:


The Best Greater Des Moines Food and Drinks

If you’re looking for the best food in Downtown Des Moines, check out our Downtown Des Moines restaurant and nightlife guide. If you want to make sure you don’t miss some of the best places to eat in Greater Des Moines and the surrounding region, look at these recommendations. Some of our favorite DSM bars and restaurants are located in suburbs and communities outside of the immediate Downtown Des Moines.

Restaurants in the Greater Des Moines Region

From Downtown stretched to the furthest suburbs of the Greater Des Moines region, you can find unique, local eats. Try some of these regional options:

Bars & Breweries in the Greater Des Moines Region

Nightlife in Greater Des Moines is bustling and lively, with cocktail bars, breweries, late-night eats, arcade bars and more. You’re sure to find your new favorite local craft beer or go-to Saturday night spot, starting with this list:

Wine Bars & Wineries in Greater Des Moines

Is wine more your speed? The Greater Des Moines region is full of local wine options, from wineries to wine bars.

Best Patios in Greater Des Moines

When the weather is nice, a patio is the place to be. Check out favorite patio destinations in Downtown Des Moines and surrounding suburbs: