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CEO Commitment to Racial Equity in DSM

Leaders in Greater Des Moines (DSM) were encouraged to consider signing a CEO Commitment to Racial Equity in DSM. The Greater Des Moines Partnership and its Inclusion Council outlined the commitment that was developed with input from The Directors Council through its One Economy Blueprint for Action, as well as Capital Crossroads leadership. The Partnership asked CEOs and top-level leaders of companies, organizations and public entities in DSM to consider signing onto this commitment to racial equity and to create equitable, inclusive and diverse workplaces and communities.


We have reached a critical moment in our nation and region's history that calls us to address racial equity in meaningful ways. Now is the time to reset expectations and recognize the role we play in creating equitable, inclusive and diverse workplaces and communities. As CEOs we prioritize and commit to:

  • Leveraging the power and privilege that we each possess to influence local and state policies that lead to racial equity and social justice.
  • Supporting the One Economy Blueprint for Action, its problem-solving goals, strategies and key metrics that help us meaningfully move toward racial equity in DSM.
  • Ensuring diverse representation in our businesses at all levels that is propelled by inviting diverse perspectives to every conversation and every table.
  • Embracing inclusive talent attraction, hiring and career development practices that increase access to and support the advancement of people of color in our workplace.
  • Investing in diversity, equity and inclusion education and training that is rooted in racial equity and recognizes the impact of systemic racism past and present.
  • Promoting supplier diversity initiatives that support minority-owned businesses and leverage the purchasing power of our organizations.
  • Affirming that our efforts will endure and that we will continually discuss and share ways to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive DSM.


In addition to signing the CEO Commitment to Racial Equity, leaders were asked to share best practices as a way to tell the stories of the intentional DEI work that was happening in our community, and to build transparency and accountability. The Partnership invited leaders and organizations to share their DEI initiatives and progress and help build a community resource that promoted collaboration and idea-sharing surrounding DEI.

To inquire about CEO Commitment to Racial Equity contact Stacey Robles
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager at The Partnership.