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Employment Resources

Whether you're new to the city or a native of Greater Des Moines (DSM), finding the right place to work is essential for building a happy life. That's why we've assembled an extensive list of DSM's employment resources to help your search. Below you'll find major employers, as well as internship and job opportunities that are updated regularly. Whatever you're looking for, the first step in your new career starts here.

Major Employers

View a list of the region's companies that employ 500+ people.

The Career Center

Visit The Partnership's DSM USA Career Center to browse available jobs. 

Iowa Workforce Development

Access state resources to support in your job search and skill development for your next career move.

Workplace Inclusion

Businesses both large and small throughout the region are dedicated to building diverse environments. Creating a strong and diverse office environment strengthens DSM as a community and as a home. Whether you're a DSM native or transplant, business here is for everyone. Learn more about the Global DSM: International Talent Strategy and the region's efforts on inclusivity.

Professional Development

DSM offers a large number of continuing education and professional development opportunities for current and prospective employees in the region. From interns to CEOs, find out more about growing your career here

Young Professionals Connection (YPC)

YPC is a group of dynamic and talented young people committed to making DSM a better place to live, work and grow. Learn more about YPC at ypcDSM.com.

Interns and Community Engagement

Get to know Greater Des Moines (DSM) by participating in the the DSM Intern Connection program, a summer series of networking events designed to allow you to engage with the community while finding professional development opportunities in Des Moines. This summer series features presentations from community leaders who speak about the ins and outs of business success.

#DSMUSA Facebook Group

#DSMUSA is a great place to discover and share opportunities in Des Moines. Explore new activities, general living information, professional growth and more with a simple "like." Join the #DSMUSA Facebook Group for an instant connection to community-minded locals. Current residents, former Iowans, alumni and professionals who are considering relocating to the region are encouraged to join the conversation.