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DEI Management Certification Program

The DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) Management Certification Program series delivers strategic and tangible action steps that will help participants build and sustain successful DEI workforce, workplace and marketplace practices. At the conclusion of the series, participants will walk away with their own action plans and roadmaps to continue their respective DEI journeys. The program is delivered through a partnership between the Greater Des Moines Partnership and Des Moines-based Schabel Solutions Inc.

The series consists of Informative e-learning modules followed by safe, positive and engaging facilitator-led discussions that lead to healthy self-reflection, greater self-awareness and productive behavior change. Through the series, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the role they can play in fostering a more inclusive environment and how to build and sustain successful workforces, workplaces and marketplace outcomes. 

To earn the DEI Management Certificate, individuals must participate in five of the six workshops. Each workshop will take place from 9 a.m. – Noon. Participants must register by Tuesday, Aug. 20. 

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Workshops for the 2024 cohort include: 

1.  Understanding the DEI Journey – Tuesday, Aug. 27   

The course’s main objectives are to educate you about foundational concepts including DEI terminology, and how to build a strong foundation for DEI practices as you move forward.   

2. Mitigating Biases and Microaggressions in Everyday Interactions – Tuesday, Sept. 10

The course’s main objectives are to review scenarios illustrating microaggressions and biases in the workplace and explore discussions about reasonable and productive actions you can take to intervene/interrupt biases and microaggressions as a recipient, source or bystander.   

3. Beyond Diversity: The Business Case for Inclusion – Tuesday, Sept. 24

The course’s main objectives are to discuss the link between diversity, equity and inclusion and organizational performance and explore how DEI aligns with your organization’s objectives, mission and core values.   

4. Leading Diverse Teams – Tuesday, Oct. 15

The course’s main objectives are to educate you about the six traits of inclusive leadership and the necessary behaviors and skills required for effectively leading broadly diverse teams.   

5. How to Design your Organization’s DEI Strategy – Tuesday, Oct. 22

The workshop’s main objectives are to explore the “nuts and bolts” of a DEI strategy. The outcome is access to a framework and template to design your organization’s DEI statement and strategy.   

6. How to Attract and Retain Diverse Talent – Tuesday, Oct. 29

The workshop’s main objectives are to define “diverse” talent and explore three steps to designing a strategic recruitment and retention plan. The outcome is a deeper understanding of your recruitment opportunities as well as recruiting and retention plans to leverage ongoing. 

Registration Information

Seats will again be limited in number and made available to those interested in moving DEI forward within their own organizations. Persons and organizations that provide/plan to provide DEI-related consulting and training services to paying and nonpaying external customers are not eligible to participate unless approved by Schabel Solutions. 

Registration for the program for Partnership Investors and Members is $1,099 per individual and $999 per employee for organizations that register three or more employees. Registration for non-members is $1,499 per individual and $1,399 per employee for organizations that register three or more employees.   

Have questions? Contact Stacey Robles, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager at The Partnership.