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Brad Dwyer to Discuss All Things Entrepreneurial

May 11, 2016

"I’m excited to discuss remote business management with Brad.  He has certainly put the concept to a rigorous test in the past year,” remarked Mike Colwell, Executive Director of Square One DSM of his June interviewee, Brad Dwyer, Founder of Hatchlings.

Dwyer will be fielding questions from Colwell as well as from the audience during the June session of Startup Stories, a presentation of Square One DSM. Dwyer, certainly among the most successful of the Silicon Prairie entrepreneurs, has spent the past nine months on a vagabond world tour hopscotching the globe, all the while managing his Hatchlings empire remotely.

“This is very much a Michael Dell dorm room story,” intoned Colwell in October of 2012 when he first introduced Dwyer to the Square One DSM (then the BIZ) audience. While an undergrad at Iowa State, Dwyer had a proclivity to “little projects” as he called them. “One weekend I was kind of bored, and I came up with another one of those little projects which turned out to be Hatchlings. It just sort of took off and kept spiraling upward until the servers crashed.”  The game application for Facebook quickly amassed thousands of users on its way to 3.5 million loyal fans worldwide by it’s 2012 appearance.

The success of Hatchlings led Dwyer from his dorm and allowed him to indulge his dual interests of writing code and managing a business. These twin passions have served him well in each providing a retreat from the other when stress so dictated. “When I get fed up with programming I’ll switch over to the business side and vice versa.  Each one gives me a break from the other,” he once explained. And in September of last year he jetted off to the Far East, looking to add travel to his list of passions while maintaining the continuing success of Hatchlings and continuing contact with the local entrepreneurial community for which he has become a leading champion, mentor and investor.

“Brad is a fairly quiet and unassuming young man whose maturity and contribution to our eco-system belie his age,” remarked Colwell. “If you want to know more about remote management, or any other aspect of the entrepreneurial path for that matter, you should not miss our June conversation.” Sound advice.

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June 15, 2016

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