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Anything Is Possible: A Local Art Installation Created by a DSM Transplant

Tone the MoveMaker

November 17, 2022

Antonio Roddy, or as he’s also known as, Tone the MoveMaker, will unveil a new art installation “Anything Is Possible” this fall in Downtown Des Moines (DSM). The installation was designed and completed in collaboration with Operation Downtown and Jesse Bunney, the Director of Operations from Lawmark Capital. As a property owner in DSM, Bunney has been seeking art for his building in order to both support local artists and add something special to the downtown landscape. The 40’ 3D art piece features a slot car track and a downtown skyline, which showcases many of the staples found in Downtown DSM. It is visible both from within the skywalk and externally to pedestrians and drivers.  

About Anything Is Possible 

“Anything Is Possible” is interactive and features projection mapping and animation as well as a mural and augmented reality (AR) piece. The installation is the first of its kind, a challenging tech-forward art piece that comes to life for the viewer and motivates others to create their own unique art. He utilized several interns during the process, simultaneously learning how to manage them and including their additions to the piece. These interns, made up of seven college art students from Des Moines Area Community College and Iowa State University as well as a few from Oakridge, were responsible for supplying short videos and AR animations. 

As an entrepreneur, Roddy created a checklist of everything he wanted to do by the time he hit 40. When he moved to the region, he did so because he knew it would be an easier place to do what he wanted to do than where he was from in Chicago. Living in Downtown DSM, he spends time on rooftops looking out at the views. Seeing the city from that angle gives him a different point of view of the downtown buildings. Currently, he’s finishing his studio — Studio 102 — at Mainframe Studios, which he hopes to be another immersive experience. Roddy will continue working on the details of that to present to the public. Once winter hits, he’s looking forward to taking part in the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Hide & Seek Ornaments You Keep campaign.  

To view “Anything Is Possible” within the skywalk, visit the second level of 700 Locust St. (inside of Local Bites cafeteria) or the mural facing Locust Street. Attend an upcoming event for the installation on Friday, Nov. 18 from 3 – 7 p.m. which includes a live podcast and dinner, featured artist showcase, vendor market and more. Learn more about the Art 4 Dinner Artist Showcase and Vendor Market and see how the four creative energies — art, food, entrepreneurship and education — combine to provide a creative platform for all would-be entrepreneurs to develop their skills and help grow the DSM community. 

Learn more about Designed by the Streets at designedbythestreets.com, or visit instagram.com/tonethemovemaker or facebook.com/ToneTheMovemaker.  

Interested in seeking artists to help liven up your Downtown DSM space? Reach out to Jerrica Marshall, Downtown Placemaking Manager at Greater Des Moines Partnership at jmarshall@downtownDSMUSA.com or (515) 286-4911

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Jerrica Marshall

Jerrica Marshall is the first Executive Director for The Directors Council. Jerrica will lead this coalition of leaders' mission to improve the conditions of individuals in the neighborhoods we serve through systemic change. Jerrica Marshall is also the former Downtown Placemaking Manager at the Greater Des Moines Partnership.