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Downtown DSM Retail

Over the last several years, Downtown Des Moines (DSM) has seen an increase in housing, hotel rooms, retail sales and food and beverage sales, and annually, 13.7 million people travel to the region, many who experience meetings, connections and entertainment in Downtown DSM.

For more information about Downtown DSM development and growth, contact Renae Mauk, Senior Director of Downtown Development.

Downtown DSM Neighborhood Demographics

Downtown DSM has seven recognized neighborhoods. Click on a Neighborhood image to download ring studies in an all-in-one PDF from Esri. Each report set includes the following maps and demographic data for viewing or printing:

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Profile
  • Retail Demand Outlook
  • Dominant Tapestry Map
  • Traffic Count Map Close Up
  • Business Summary

Visit the Downtown DSM Neighborhoods page to learn more about what makes each neighborhood unique — things to do, eat and see, they're the perfect place to live, work and play.

The boundaries of Downtown DSM align closely with combined Census Tracts 27.00, 51.01 and 51.02, and the three Tracts are often used to provide consistent statistics across multiple data sources.

Studies, Reports and Plans

With a highly trained workforce, tax advantages, business incentives and business-friendly state and local governments, Downtown DSM’s business climate is thriving. The Greater Des Moines Partnership provides resources, retail attraction and economic development support for businesses in Downtown DSM.

Additional Resources