Enhancing Green Spaces Downtown

New to Downtown: #RecycleDSM

Keeping Downtown Beautiful

Scenic, Cultured and Vibrant

Operation Downtown plays a vital role to ensure that our city’s vibrant urban center remains inviting and beautiful. Whether they’re power-washing stains from the sidewalks or creating save, well-manicured open spaces for Downtown Des Moines' (DSM’s)  most popular events, Operation Downtown is dedicated to serving our city and resolving any reported issues that might arise.

Over the last decade, Greater Des Moines (DSM) has soared to new heights on the national scene. Ranked by many publications as one of the best places to live, DSM residents count on Operation Downtown to keep Downtown DSM pristine for the 80,000 people who work here and the countless visitors who travel here each year.

Today, Operation Downtown’s work not only enhances Downtown DSM, but is also raises the standard of what a safe, clean and beautiful city should look like.

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