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Music & Entertainment

Local Entertainment 

In Downtown Des Moines (DSM), you can dance to the beat of your own drums. With a vibrant live music scene supported by a passionate community, you can find everything from underground hip-hop to classical performances of opera legacy. Local artists, regional stars and music legends have graced the stages of Downtown DSM, and we hope to host them again soon.

Interested to hear some favorites from local artists? Listen to the #DSMUSA Music Mix Volume IV playlist!

Music Festivals

80/35 Music Festival

80/35 Music Festival is an annual two-day progressive indie and jam music festival. It is the largest Des Moines Music Coalition event, hosting as many as 50 national, regional and local bands. 

515 Alive

515 Alive brings thousands of EDM and hip-hop fans to Downtown DSM where they put their hands in the air for some of the biggest acts in the business. 

World Food & Music Festival

The World Food & Music Festival is held annually in September spanning Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Western Gateway featuring cultural musical acts as well as national musical talent, and of course food from around the world!

For more information about other festivals in Downtown DSM that also feature musical artists, visit the Festivals & Markets page.

Concerts & Shows

While festivals such as the World Food & Music Festival offer attendees a musical getaway throughout the festival weekend, there are plenty of other shows around town that keep the music alive year-round. From an outdoor amphitheater in Water Works Park to intimate settings through house concerts or a 76-foot-wide proscenium stage with Des Moines Performing Arts, Downtown DSM offers a variety of venues that bring together both national and local speakers, artists and musical acts to one stage.

Additionally, many local bars and restaurants offer live music and DJ tracks. Learn more about local eateries and nightlife venues.