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Downtown DSM Business Climate

From coast to coast, people are taking notice of the business climate in Downtown Des Moines (DSM). Notable business rankings across the country, including those conducted by popular news sites NBC NewsForbesUSA Today and MarketWatch, rank Downtown DSM among the top when it comes to best cities to live, work and start a business. With a highly trained workforce, tax advantages, business incentives and business-friendly state and local governments, Downtown DSM’s business climate is thriving.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership provides resources, retail attraction and economic development support for businesses in Downtown DSM.

Studies, Reports and Plans


Executive Call

Since 2002, the annual Executive Call Program has been utilized to communicate with Downtown Des Moines businesses and identify patterns of growth, areas of satisfaction, potential challenges, and needs of our business community. Please use the link to schedule a 30-minute meeting that will cover questions related to your company and the community.

This interview works as a confidential discussion regarding each business, its dynamics, the workforce, technology and the Downtown community and its services. The data is recorded through Synchronist, aggregated and reported through this report. The information will be used to gain a better understanding of Downtown DSM and enable educated decision-making.

View the 2019 Executive Call Report.

Operation Downtown

Operation Downtown is a great benefit for Downtown businesses and residents. Learn more about how this initiative ensures that Downtown DSM remains safe, clean and beautiful.

Connect Downtown

Connect Downtown, a project of the City of Des Moines, Urban Land Institute Iowa and the Greater Des Moines Partnership, explores how to make Downtown DSM safer, more comfortable and more convenient by improving access to and within Downtown DSM for people walking, bicycling, driving and using public transportation safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about Connect Downtown.