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Hide and Seek Ornaments You Keep

  • For DSM Visitors and Residents Who Love a Scavenger Hunt and Want a Unique Local Holiday Gift
  • Various Locations Around Downtown DSM
  • Admission: Free and Open to the Public
holiday ornament with blurred background of building

During the annual Hide and Seek Ornaments You Keep, participants are urged to seek out ornaments designed by talented local artists. This creates a walkable activity spanning numerous Downtown Des Moines (DSM) neighborhoods including the Historic East Village, Western Gateway Park, the Historic Court District and Central Downtown.

As residents and visitors search for ornaments upon receiving clues via social media post photos, they are encouraged to shop local and show support for local businesses ahead of the winter holiday season. The DSM Local Downtown DSM Buying Guide and DSM Local Historic East Village Buying Guide can assist with choosing restaurants and shops to visit near ornament locations in order to make the most of time spent in Downtown DSM for this event.

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