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Downtown Des Moines (DSM) is a growing, vibrant community that offers the energy, sophistication, housing and attractions of a big city — without the big city traffic. Young professionals, senior executives, couples with children, retirees and people of all ages are discovering that Downtown DSM has the features they want in a community. If the idea of urban living is appealing, join the growing number of people making a home in the neighborhoods of Downtown DSM.

Whether it’s a cosmopolitan setting in a high-rise condo, a traditional apartment with a cozy fireplace, a chic loft in a renovated warehouse or even a rehabbed historic Victorian mansion complete with brick sidewalks and gardens, Downtown DSM contains a variety of residential options. As the popularity of Downtown DSM housing continues to boom, the number of projects, locations and choices are rapidly increasing. Neighborhood associations continue to take steps to revitalize all areas of the city, including the iconic Walnut Street that connects the Historic East Village to Western Gateway Park. Historic Court District continues to add trendy restaurants and bars to Downtown DSM's nightlife scene as well.

Explore Downtown DSM’s unique neighborhoods offering distinct personalities and attractions below and make sure to take a visit, or for more information about things to do and places to see, download a map of Downtown DSM.

Downtown Neighborhoods

Gray's Lake Area

Located between Downtown DSM and Gray’s Lake, DSM’s newest neighborhood, Gray's Lake Area, is growing fast. LEARN MORE>
Gray's Landing Neighborhood in Downtown DSM USA

Historic Court District

Dating back to 1846, the Historic Court District is one of Downtown DSM’s oldest neighborhoods and is the entertainment destination of Iowa’s capital city. LEARN MORE>
Court Avenue Neighborhood in Downtown DSM USA

Historic East Village

The Historic East Village could have been plucked and transplanted to DSM from New York City. Featuring an eclectic mix of historic buildings, boutique shopping and award-winning restaurants, it’s regularly touted as one of the Midwest’s hippest neighborhoods. LEARN MORE>
East Village Neighborhood in Downtown DSM USA

Market District

The burgeoning Market District is one of the youngest neighborhoods in the city. Located south of the Historic East Village, it’s to be the site of future apartments, restaurants and entertainment. LEARN MORE>
Market District Neighborhood in Downtown DSM USA

Sherman Hill

Beginning in the 1870s, many of the city’s most prominent citizens built grand homes in Sherman Hill. The neighborhood’s renaissance has solidified its reputation for being an artsy destination. LEARN MORE>
Sherman Hill Neighborhood in Downtown DSM USA

Western Gateway

Drive into Downtown DSM from all points west and you'll enter an exciting zone of urban development and neighborhood rebirth — the Western Gateway, which is anchored around its beautiful John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park. LEARN MORE>
Western Gateway Neighborhood in Downtown DSM USA