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About Downtown

Downtown DSM USA

DSM USA is the regional identifier for Greater Des Moines (DSM). Downtown DSM USA is the identifier for the region’s core — Downtown. The Downtown DSM USA identifier is the result of significant quantitative and qualitative research that shows the identifier closely ties Downtown to the region, therefore making both identifiers stronger. Downtown DSM USA is shown through research to communicate that Downtown is fresh, contemporary, active, cultural and diverse. 

Downtown DSM USABusinesses are encouraged to use Downtown DSM USA messaging on their websites and in their communications. Click here to download the Downtown DSM USA graphic. To request additional file types, contact Derek Lippincott.

Learn more about the DSM USA regional identifier here. To help spread the word and show your support and passion for DSM, consider becoming a DSM USA Ambassador.

Downtown Development Board

The Downtown Development Board is part of the Greater Des Moines Partnership. This board is populated by a diverse collection of Downtown DSM’s leading figures in culture and business.

Downtown Events

Major public events like the Downtown Farmers' Market, including The Winter Market, World Food & Music Festival and Out to Lunch are all produced by The Partnership. Additionally, The Partnership works in partnership with the Des Moines Arts Festival®. These hallmark events bring more than one million people to Downtown DSM annually, creating a unique and vibrant experience for all who attend.

Up-and-coming downtown

Downtown DSM Activation

Along with these core events, The Partnership also works to activate Downtown DSM and generate vibrancy for residents, workers and visotrs through several pop-up events and initiatives.