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About Downtown

Downtown DSM USA

DSM USA is the regional identifier for Greater Des Moines (DSM). Downtown DSM USA is the identifier for the region’s core — Downtown. The Downtown DSM USA identifier is the result of significant quantitative and qualitative research that shows the identifier closely ties Downtown to the region, therefore making both identifiers stronger. Downtown DSM USA is shown through research to communicate that Downtown is fresh, contemporary, active, cultural and diverse. 

Downtown DSM USABusinesses are encouraged to use Downtown DSM USA messaging on their websites and in their communications. Click here to download the Downtown DSM USA graphic. To request additional file types, contact Jenna Brownlee at jbrownlee@DSMpartnership.com.

Learn more about the DSM USA regional identifier here. To help spread the word and show your support and passion for DSM, consider becoming a DSM USA Ambassador.

Living In Downtown DSM

Find your next home in one of Downtown DSM's vibrant districts: Gray’s Landing, Historic Court Avenue District, Historic East Village, the Market District, Sherman Hill or Western Gateway Park. These beautiful communities have so much to offer and new housing is being developed at a rapid pace. Join the 10,000+ people who call Downtown DSM home.

Growing Downtown DSM

Here in Iowa’s capital city, more than 10,000 people live in and more than 80,000 people come to work in Downtown DSM each day. Whether they’re employed by some of America’s largest insurance companies or one of the many tech startups that flourish here, opportunity is abundant in Downtown DSM. That’s part of the reason why Fortune ranked DSM as having the #1 Up-And-Coming Downtown.

Up-and-coming downtown

Experiencing Downtown DSM

From the vibrant sculptures of Western Gateway Park to the golden dome of the Iowa State Capitol building, Downtown Des Moines (DSM) is full of things to experience and enjoy. Ride your bike along one of Downtown DSM’s many outdoor trails, or treat your family to dinner and a show.

There are other reasons, too. Reasons like the Downtown Farmers' Market, which showcases more than 300 vendors and attracts 25,000 visitors on any given Saturday. Reasons like the affordable living and national attractions that draw thousands of visitors to explore the streets. Whatever your passion is, you can chase it here: in a city where people from all corners of the globe come to live, work and play.