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This Farmers' Market Super Food Will Keep You Warm This Fall

Braised Bone Broth at the DTFM

If you’re feeling a little chilly when you are at the Downtown Farmers’ Market this month be sure and stop by the Braised Bone Broth stand. Owner Kate Brown can warm you up with a shot or mug of bone broth.

Brown started her company after making it for herself throughout her 20s and seeing the health benefits it provided for her. She has now been selling her bone broth for more than a decade and is in her second year at The Market. 

Some of the health benefits of consuming bone broth include support to the immune system, reducing inflammation, easing joint and muscle pain and helping to cleanse the liver.

Brown’s method for making bone broth is a low and slow simmer for at least 24 hours. It is also cooked in a unique kettle which heats the broth from the inside out which is more efficient at extracting nutrients from the bones. For now, the only variety of bone broth available from Braised Bone Broth is chicken.

At The Market you can buy a shot of broth for $1, a mug for $5 (plain) or $6 (fully loaded with butter, bullet brain octane oil and seasonings). You can also buy a 20-ounce frozen pouch for $10, bone broth concentrate (roughly 8-9 single servings) for $30 or a cleanse package for $155 that includes six pouches, one concentrate, stir-ins and a personal consultation to make sure the cleanse works for your lifestyle.

Brown’s favorite part of The Market is the customer interaction and the ability to get to know her customers. She loves to hear what customers are doing with the broth and how it’s helping them to create healthy meals or moving the needle on a health concern they have. Brown says that, “hearing from my customers really inspires me and reminds me why I wanted to bring a super food to The Market.”

Products offered

Broth shots, mugs of broth, 20-ounce packages of broth, bone broth concentrate, cleanse package, stir-in spices.

Location at The Market

Northeast corner of Court Avenue and 4th Street

Allergen friendly

Gluten Free

Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program




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