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Location for Winter Farmers' and Makers' Market

The Drive-Through Winter Farmers' and Makers' Market is the ideal place to find end-of-the-season produce and shop for the perfect gift for your loved ones as the 2020 holiday season kicks off. This event will showcase local artists and makers along with the typical Winter Market favorites. Join us on Saturday, Dec. 12!

The Drive-Through Winter Farmers' and Makers' Market will take place at the Principal Park parking lot at 1 Line Drive in Downtown DSM.

Instructions for the Drive-Through Market

The Downtown Farmers’ Market presented by UnityPoint Health — Des Moines has created the Drive-Through Bite-Size Market, which takes place each Saturday from 8 – 11 a.m. at the Iowa State Capitol complex parking lot located at E. 13th and E. Grand Avenue in Downtown Des Moines (DSM) starting on Aug. 8 through Oct. 31.

On the morning of the market, vehicles should enter at E.13th and Des Moines Street going eastbound. As you enter, you’ll receive a Market map with a full list and location for all vendors. Display the map in your windshield so vendors can grab your items as you pull up. The market closes at 11am, please plan to enter by 10:30am to allow time to drive through The Market.

The entire Market is one-way. There will be two lanes — a driving lane and a pick-up/shop lane. Please drive slow and maintain distance between you and the car in front of you. To pick up or shop from your vehicle, pull off into the pick-up lane in front of the vendor you’re picking up or shopping from. Remain in your vehicle at all times. After pick-up or purchasing is done, slowly enter back into the driving lane.

Wasn’t able to place a pre-order? No worries! Customers can shop and purchase from vendors on-site at the Drive-Through Bite-Size Market. Please remain in your vehicle at all times. Vendors will safely help you complete the transaction and place your items in your vehicle.

Download a map of the Drive-Through Bite-Size Market!