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Explore the 2019 Holiday Promenade

2019 Holiday Promenade

November 14, 2019

While there was once “must-see tv,” now there are “must do #DSMUSA events.” Free time is at a premium with a busy family of four, especially the all-important “date night” where my wife and I escape for a night out on the town. The Holiday Promenade is always one of our “can’t-miss” dates and this year the event is two days, taking place on Friday, November 22 from 5-9 p.m. and Saturday, November 23 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. This event also includes lots of opportunities to get holiday shopping kickstarted while keeping our dollars local. (We have 7 birthdays from Thanksgiving to Christmas, so we’ve got a little work to do.) The best way to prioritize your night is by the parties happening up and down the Historic East Village.

Holiday Promenade Stops



Jennifer’s dream store holds a special place in our hearts and Dena carries on her memory with an amazing collection of perfumes, lotions, scents, kid’s toys, books and novelties for everyone on your list. They happen to serve some wicked cocktails in the back of the store for the Promenade and other First Fridays throughout the year.

Ichi Bike and Subsect



These guys are the heartbeat of fun in the East Village. You’ll stop in to see what is new and exciting and want to walk out with a vintage rat rod bike from Dan or a new skateboard for the upcoming Lauridsen Skate Park. I’ll pick up a t-shirt or hat for upcoming concerts.

All Spice


Rory and the team have elevated spices, oils and vinegars to an art form and checking out their newest recipes and creations is worth the stop. I always load up on their unique salts, peppers and seasonings including the Prime Land and Sea Rubs. They’re excellent gifts for the cook in your life. My family raves about Rory’s Kickin’ Chili recipe from DSM magazine. I need to make some soon, or else.

Kitchen Collage


My creative time is in the kitchen and my happy place is seeing Teresa and her staff at the Kitchen Collage. They always host the Wustoff knife rep during the Promenade and he’s one of my favorite resources for cooking and cocktails. He got us hooked on Jack Ruby cocktail cherries and mixers a few years ago and I’ll never forgive him.



While it is always busy; you’ve never seen people swinging from the rafters and the cash registers ringing like they do during Promenade. RAYGUN has something for everyone and makes for a memorable gift or memento for friends who are “just visiting” for the weekend, but likely to move after a few more days of fun.

MARS Coffee Bar


Need a little caffeinated pick-me-up before those last few shops? Grab a hand-crafted Sputnik Latte from the amazing baristas. Your drink will definitely make an Instagram-friendly picture.

Locust Tap

While it may be full of people, it is always the best place to rest with a cup (or mug) of holiday cheer with friends. It is the quintessential dive bar and you never know who you will run into.

SKOL and Truman’s Tavern



SKOL and Truman’s are our new stops on the tour of the Promenade. While they’re a few blocks down at MLK, it is worth the trip a few blocks south for a bite to eat with friends. The ambiance, food and service are always awesome from the Full Court Press family of restaurants. 

Regardless of the weather, the Promenade is a must-do event to get out, see friends, make new ones and enjoy the season in style. See you there!

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Marc T. Hollander

Marc T. Hollander is the director of client relations and marketing at Whitfield & Eddy Law in Downtown Des Moines (DSM). Whitfield & Eddy Law is a full service law firm with over 40 attorneys providing legal services for individuals and business across Iowa and the nation