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How Local Partnerships + Collaborative Marketing Can Benefit Des Moines Businesses

Maximizing Marketing Investments

June 12, 2023

Des Moines is well-known for its financial firms and central role in the insurance industry. Business titans like Principal and Wells Fargo have a significant presence in the city and bring plenty of investment into Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Businesses based in the DSM can maximize their marketing investment and improve their reach by embracing partnerships and championing collaborative marketing. Working with other companies is a great way to improve reach, build brand credibility and create community events that leave a lasting impression.

Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships are a great way for local businesses to increase their reach and connect with a global audience. Companies that raise each other’s profile through local partnerships can tap into loyal customer bases and create a favorable reputation in DSM and beyond. This is particularly important for growing businesses in the region, which may otherwise struggle to gain a foothold in global markets without partnerships and cross-promotional campaigns.

Collaborative marketing can boost brand presence, too. This is something that major players like Principal do well. DSM-based Principal Financial Group recently announced a 5-year extension agreement with the PGA TOUR Champions tournament. The charitable tournament, held at the Wakonda Club in Des Moines, boosts Principal’s global brand presence and solidifies its position in the wider financial industry.

Smaller businesses in the DSM can follow suit by pooling their resources and building brands that champion collaboration rather than competition. Local business leaders like Mike Vallely are leveraging the power of collaborative marketing by partnering with global brands. Vallely, the owner of the custom skateboard business Street Plant, recently celebrated the 2nd Annual Skate DSM tournament. This brought big brands like Red Bull into the city and helped Vallely amplify his brand while supporting local skaters.

Community Collaboration

An annual 17% rise in employment shows that the DSM is the place to be. Strong job growth is made possible by community collaborations that benefit local DSM businesses and residents alike.

DSM-based businesses can build their brands by reinvesting in the community at popular events like the Downtown Farmers’ Market. Local farmers, jewelers, clothing designers and bakers rub shoulders and build important networks while providing high-quality goods to the downtown community. This helps brands better understand consumers while forming strong connections with other businesses in the city.

Joy Hankins, the owner of The Joy of Curls, reflects that opening a stall at the The Market has been “wonderful for my business.” Hankins explains that selling at the The Market gives her a chance to interact with families while connecting with the community. Serving the community has helped Hankins grow her brand and led to exposure on outlets like Nik Heftman’s The Seven Times. The Market’s Spark DSM Business Incubator goes a step further, providing support for underrepresented small and/or startups businesses to grow locally. What began as the Minority-Owned Small Business Incubator Program in 2022 has expanded into Spark DSM, including other Downtown DSM events like the World Food & Music Festival and DSM Book Festival.

Businesses that want to break into the DSM business community can build a similarly strong reputation by investing in educational events held at the Evelyn K. Davis Center. Investing in the community is a great way to scale operations in a new city. Newcomers who spend time and dollars on community-based partnerships can quickly garner a loyal customer base and attract new employees through the programs they support. This helps DSM-based enterprises build credibility while supporting the folks who make Des Moines their home.

Des Moines-based businesses can amplify their branding and build a loyal customer base in the region by leveraging partnerships and community-based collaborative marketing. Investing in local events like the Downtown Farmers’ Market gives DSM-based businesses a chance to network and build their brand reputation in the city, too. DSM businesses like Principal and Street Plant prove that investing in collaborative marketing can help brands connect with a global audience while improving the lives of residents in Des Moines.

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