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Greater Des Moines (DSM) is a Top Place for Millennials

Young Professionals Proud of DSM USA

May 16, 2017

While browsing Facebook for my daily dose of cat videos and politics on Monday, a different sort of headline caught my eye: "Greater Des Moines is the #1 Best Place for Millennials to Live in the Midwest," followed by "Greater Des Moines is the #4 Best Place for Millennials to Live in the United States."

"Of course it is," I thought without hesitation.

Although it goes against our Midwestern standards of humility and modesty to brag, the Millennials who work, reside and spend their precious leisure hours in Greater Des Moines (DSM) are proud of this city.

I speak from experience when I say that Millennials have it good here. My credentials: I'm a '90s baby who lives in an ultra-modern loft in the Historic East Village and works less than a mile away in a circa 1880s restored building on Court Avenue. By choice, a majority of my everyday life occurs in Downtown Des Moines (DSM), beyond just the 8 to 5 nature of my workday.

I can live in DSM, and I can live in DSM, something that is so important to a generation that regularly pontificates on company culture. Economic development advisors refer to this phenomenon as a low cost of living, but the simple truth is that even on a young professional's salary, I can pay my rent each month, afford to regularly meet up with friends at eateries, attend cultural events and still have funds to travel.

Things to Do in DSM

Living in DSM means that I am never bored, but I am also never overwhelmed. There is plenty for me to do each weekend  — all within in walking distance to boot  — but not to the point in which I experience FOMO (Millennial-speak for "fear of missing out") because I can't be in three places at once. There is near-constant variety of events and activities for different tastes. Do you like to run or bike? DSM has trails galore. Do you like dining out? New places open weekly further expanding DSM's food scene. Are you into music, theater or comedy? In the past two months alone I have seen an arena concert, a Broadway play and an underground comedy show.

I recently spent 10 days traveling in Europe. It was near the end of this adventure that I realized just how deep my love for this budding city runs. I could barely believe it myself when I realized just how badly I missed Des Moines. I missed its clean streets, its walkability and its friendly smiles. I missed my life here, and I couldn't wait to return.

DSM Pride

I am confident that I am not alone in the pride that I feel for DSM. I am also 100 percent certain that this manifestation of pride is not unique to the Millennials who call DSM home. No, the pride that comes with watching a city grow and thrive in front of one's eyes transcends occupation, origin and generation, making Des Moines an outstanding city of Millennials and for everyone else.

Fellow Millennials, take note: DSM USA is a place to be proud of. It's a place to grow both personally and professionally. It's a place to come home to. It's a place to truly call home.

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