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Top Places to Get Work Done Outside the Office in Downtown Des Moines

Get Work Done Outside

Sometimes you just need a break from your daily office space to find creativity, inspiration or productivity. Browse this curated list of Downtown Des Moines (DSM) spots ideal for getting work done away from the office.


Channel your college days and get in the zone for your next big project at these Downtown DSM libraries. These library locations offer a perfectly peaceful, interruption-free ambiance.

Nooks and Corners

Even in the midst of a bustling city like DSM, you can find corners of quite to work, reflect and catch up on your tasks.

  • Temple Chess and Poetry Garden between the Temple for Performing Arts and Central Library
  • Tables and benches along the Skywalk (including in the Greater Des Moines Partnership building and in Capital Square).

Coffee Shops

Grab your computer and scout out a quiet spot at these Downtown DSM coffee shops and cafés. Order your favorite espresso drink or sandwich and stay awhile!


Whether you choose to use a park bench or pack a picnic blanket, take in the fresh air at these Downtown DSM parks to enjoy some time away from your cubicle. Tip: Bring some sunscreen or look for a shade tree!

Looking for more options? Find a list of even more Downtown Des Moines coffee shops, hotels and parks ideal for working away from the office.

Greater Des Moines Partnership

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