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The Famous Silver Skaters at Brenton Skating Plaza

Silver Skaters

A special group of skaters take to the ice each skating season to enjoy the Downtown Des Moines (DSM) views, get outside and meet up with friends who also love Brenton Skating Plaza. While muscles may not be as toned as they once were, these senior athletes, also known as the Silver Skaters, don’t let that stop them from one of their favorite activities. For Andrew Guay, Ray Beauregard and Carroll Moore, ice skating is more than just another winter activity, it’s a way to exercise among friends, while also meeting newcomers who appreciate the ice as much as they do.

Nostalgic Ice Skating Stories From DSM Locals

“I do not have as good reflexes, strength, endurance and speed as I did before,” says Andrew Guay. “But I still enjoy ice skating.”

Ray Beauregard has been skating at Brenton Skating Plaza since it first opened in November 2006. “I look forward each season to being able to skate outside with friends and family,” he says. “Skating provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy exercising and participating in the social atmosphere with other skaters, young and old alike. I cannot think of a better way to spend a couple of hours, at a reasonable cost, skating, socializing, exercising and as an added benefit, watching the occasional eagles as they fly overhead and fish along the river. The staff at Brenton work very hard to ensure that the facility is well maintained to help us all enjoy the experience.”

Carroll Moore agrees with both Beauregard and Guay that one of the best things about winter is being able to skate at Brenton Skating Plaza. “The ice is nice, the people who work there are friendly and the manager, Robbin, is great. The view of the city is wonderful.” Moore is looking forward to seeing old friends again and meeting new ones.

Find more information on ice skating at Brenton Skating Plaza and reserve a time slot here. Don’t forget to #maskupDSM!

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