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ParkDSM: New Parking System in Des Moines Iowa

ParkDSM's New Parking Technology

May 5, 2022

The City of Des Moines is in the process of upgrading our parking technology to start 2022, bringing the system to the levels in surrounding Midwest cities such as Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and Milwaukee. The new parking technology will be replacing 3,000 individual parking meters with stall marker ID’s, 400 pay stations (also known as kiosks or multi-meter pay stations) and a mobile app available for Apple and Android devices.

This new parking system upgrades the out-of-date parking meters with technology that offers flexibility, convenience and efficiency. Meter hours will continue to be the same — 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. In this blog post we will cover how the new system will work, what options are available to pay for parking and additional benefits.

How Will It Work?

The need to read the small screen on each individual parking meter to pay for parking remains no more. Taking its place are stall marker IDs with unique six-digit numbers, and 400 pay stations which will be connected to each other, placed on each block. The stall marker’s unique ID is what mark your individual parking space. To pay for that space, you can locate the pay stations closest to you, enter your ID number, and follow the prompts to quickly pay for your parking. By entering your phone number into the pay station, you can receive a receipt via text message. If you would like to extend your time, you can simply text the number and add additional time.

Another option to pay for your parking is through the new parking app, ParkDSM. The process is similar to the pay stations. You can open your app, enter your ID number, and pay for parking directly from your phone. The ParkDSM app will also send you a notification before your time runs out allowing you to either add additional time or leave and get to your car before your time runs out. Learn more here.Parking Meter App

If someone doesn’t have a smartphone, we have taken that into account as well. There is a number at each pay station for users to call and follow the prompts to pay for parking. Additionally, if someone only has coins to pay for parking, the pay stations will accept quarters. Again, pay stations are connected to each other, so a user can pay at one pay station with quarters and add additional time if needed at a different pay station as long as they have their unique six-digit number.

REMEMBER: To pay for your parking, you will need to use the six-digit number located on your stall marker. This number represents your parking spot. Without this number, you will not be able to pay for your parking.

Additional Benefits

In considering the options for parking technology upgrades, the City of Des Moines took into account everyone that would potentially use the system.

The pay stations meet ADA requirements, as they are placed on the sidewalk and facing towards businesses, unlike the individual parking meters which were on the edge of the curb and close to traffic. The pay station screens were also placed at a height accessible to everyone, and the upgraded back-lit LED screens allow users to clearly read the instructions at all times of the day. The pay stations also will accept quarters and every form of debit and credit cards. Users will also have the option to send receipts to their phones and receive text updates about their parking if they don’t use the app.

Initially, three languages will be available to choose from when using the pay stations: English, Spanish and French. The ParkDSM mobile app will also be available in two language options: English and Spanish. For those that don’t have smartphones, there is a number to call so that residents can extend their parking sessions without going back to their vehicle.

If you would like to learn more about the new parking system, you can visit the City website at DSM.city/parking.

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