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Local Authors Shine at the 2021 DSM Book Festival - Part 3

2021 Local Authors

The DSM Book Festival will showcase more than 60 authors with Iowa ties, giving local voices an opportunity for exposure in their own community. In part three of our blog series on local authors, you will find author information for the following genres: Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Self-Help, Thriller and Young Adult/Teen.

Local Authors


Gina Fiametta

In “Angels Strange and Beautiful,” a mythical killer haunts the night in the town of Reason. Where do a village of frightened New Englanders turn? Lives and loves hang in the balance as the town’s troubles have just begun.

Patti Stockdale

Author Patti Stockdale is the author of “Three Little Things,” a story of one forbidden love, two broken hearts and three little things. Arno and Hattie share three little secrets in each letter and grow closer together. But he's on his way to a war across the ocean, and she's still in her father's house. Their newfound love will need to survive dangers on both fronts during WWI.


Ricky Dragoni

“Short Stories of Mystery and Surrealism” is an intense collection of twisted short stories, taking you to remote islands, urban environments, historical time periods and more. Ricky Dragoni is also the author of “The Angel of a Madman,” “Prime Infinity,” “Ripples,” “The Swift” and the soon-to-be-published, “Tommy Jones.”

Christopher Guhl

In “Absolute Essence,” disastrous yurdarks are born from the elements, ravage Essence City, then die by the evil king’s hand. When one is powerful enough to evade his mindless army, Neema’s best friend, Tem, is torn from her arms to serve. Neema then joins a rebellious adventure in hopes of stopping the endless cycle of torment and getting him back. But as a mindless soldier, will he still be the Tem she knew? Finding out could cost the entire rebellion … and the rest of Essence City with it. Guhl is also the author of “Naevia-18.”


Julia Dellitt

In “Get Your Life Together(ish),” Julia Dellitt shares 50 reward-based challenges that will put you on the path to self-improvement, including ways to improve relationships, be more confident, eat better and more. Dellitt is also the author of “Whatever You Do, Be Happy: 400 Things to Think & Do for a Happy Life.”

John Martin

“8 Conversation to Have With Yourself” will help you develop strategies to become the best you, and win! John Martin Sr. speaks to you and motivates you to see the world through a sharper lense. Martin is also the author of “8 Conversations to Have With Your Son,” “8 Conversations to Have With your Daughter” and “8 Conversations to Have With Your Co-Parent.”


Ben Arzate

Ben Arzate is the author of “Elaine,” a story of a record store owner who leaves his shop in the hands of a good friend while he heads to Elaine, a small town in upper Michigan, to meet his girlfriend, Agnes, for her recently deceased mother’s funeral.

Daniel J. Waters

The sleepy little towns up and down Long Beach Island are about to wake up in Daniel J. Waters’ “Barnegat Dark.” America is a country at war in the summer of 1971 — abroad and at home. An entire nation is clamoring for change and over a sweltering Independence Day weekend, a sea of simmering tensions is set to boil over in the shadow of an iconic landmark. And for Surf City Police Chief Mickey Cleary, a new kind of threat and a new kind of enemy will imperil both her and those she cares most about. Other works by Waters include “Ship Bottom Blues” and “Surf City Confidential.”

Young Adult/Teen

Jennifer Deaver

Jennifer Deaver is the author of “The Traveler,” a story about colliding worlds, self-discovery, encountering mysterious creatures, developing lasting friendships and unfolding the truth.

Maggie Ann Martin

“To Be Honest” deals with a spunky heroine who is dealing with very real issues ? body image, parental pressure, loneliness, first love and finding your way ? with heart and humor. Maggie Ann Martin is also the author of “The Big F.”

Find out more information about festival authors at the DSM Book Festival here.

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