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I Sold my House and Moved to the East Village, Here's Why

I Sold my House and Moved to the East Village, Here's Why

October 30, 2017

I’ve spent my entire career in economic development so to see Downtown Des Moines (DSM) undergo a transformation before my eyes is a testament to the great work the region is doing to attract and retain business and talent.

A Changing Landscape

Among the numerous success stories in Downtown DSM, the Historic East Village is one of the foremost examples of a DSM neighborhood realizing its potential. It wasn’t too long ago, a walk over the Des Moines River towards the Iowa State Capital would have you surrounded by old dilapidated buildings that had seen better days. Now, the Historic East Village is a buzz of activity from morning until night in a mix of new and renovated buildings.

DSM’s largest demographic is Millennials (those aged roughly between 21 and 36). Although I don’t fit that bracket, the same things enticing young people to flourish in Downtown DSM are the same reasons why myself and many others in their 40’s and 50’s have decided to sell the house and move to Downtown DSM.

Accessibility, Less Expense

Living in the Historic East Village puts you in the center of the action with an eclectic mix of people and places. The reasons I love to call the Historic East Village home includes its accessibility to great restaurants, rooftop bars, live music and eclectic boutique shops which are all within walking distance. I have a cool mix of diverse neighbors and I feel a part of a strong, growing and vibrant community. It’s also great value. When I visit similar neighborhoods in larger cities, they are astronomically more expensive.

Finally, I get an incredible view of Downtown DSM from my living room window where I can see all the exciting development projects changing Downtown DSM skyline… and fireworks after I-Cub games!

Featuring an eclectic mix of historic buildings, boutique shopping and award-winning restaurants, the Historic East Village is regularly touted as one of the Midwest’s hippest neighborhoods. To learn more about Downtown DSM, click here