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Get to Know Tweet Week Artist Marion Nehmer

Marion Nehmer Tweet Week

Artist Marion Nehmer created ceramic birds for the 2nd annual Downtown DSM Tweet Week event happening throughout Downtown Des Moines (DSM) neighborhoods and districts. The free event is a chance to find a piece of local art using social media clues to find its location. Nehmer will have more birds hidden July 14 – 15.

Marion Nehmer Q+A

What is your name?

Marion Nehmer

How long have you been an artist?

I’ve been creative all my life, though a professional artist since 2001.

How long have you been with Mainframe Studios?

I moved into my studio at Mainframe Studios with my studio partner Emily MacFarland in June of 2018.

How would you describe your art style?

I create functional art influenced by my garden and the human figure. I use bright colors and enjoy drawing through the clay to create surfaces that encourage the viewer to pick up a piece, turn it around and view it from all sides.

What is your favorite part about the Greater Des Moines (DSM) local art scene?

There is so much going on from music to film making to traditional arts not to mention art classes and events. Every week you can see something new that local artists are creating.

What was it like creating the birds for Tweet Week?

My fellow Tweet Week clay artists enjoy designing them and showing each other what we’re making before the big reveal. There’s always a lot of buzz among us about the birds. Hiding them is another creative aspect of Tweet Week. We try to hide them in clever places and also secretively, so they aren’t quickly found.

What was your favorite design?

They are all black this year! See the header image above!

How do you think the community can support their local artists?

Take an art class! Several artists at Mainframe Studios offer art classes and there are many other places in DSM that do so; attend art exhibits and openings; visit an art gallery; commission a piece of artwork; donate to a local art charity; purchase art from a local artist.

Where can people view/purchase your art next?

My website is marionnehmerpottery.bigcartel.com. I share my studio with Emily MacFarland, #419 at Mainframe Studios, #419. Diane Hayes and Linda Lewis share a studio in #435.

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