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Art Education Creates New Experiences at Hoyt Sherman Place

Hoyt Sherman Classes

October 19, 2022

The art education program is new to Hoyt Sherman Place, but appreciation of the arts has been a part of its history since 1907, when the Des Moines Women’s Club started the first art gallery in Des Moines, creating an art exhibition (currently in its 115th year) and provided support for local art instructors including C.E. Baldwin and Charles A. Cumming.

Providing these educational offerings supports Hoyt Sherman Place’s mission — to create outstanding experiences for the cultural, historic and educational benefit of Iowa and its residents and communities.


In summer 2022, art classes were added to the Barry Bauman Art Institute at Hoyt Sherman Place. The first three instructors, Janet Mootz, Betty Walker and Laura Todd offered classes in painting and photography to kids and adults. In fall 2022, more instructors and classes were added to the schedule including painting, photography, drawing and illustration.Wine Class

The list of current classes can be found at: hoytsherman.org/gallery/class-information

Created in 2022 after his death, the Barry Bauman Art Institute honors the generosity of the Chicago-based art conservator, who donated over a million dollars in free restoration services to Hoyt Sherman Place over the course of the past 10 years. His work includes The Repentant Magdalene and Apollo and Venus, two of the showpieces in the Hoyt Sherman Place Art Gallery. Implementing programming for students and adults to foster and grow their interests in the arts will ensure Bauman’s legacy continues.Art Class

Membership Benefit

Membership benefits for Hoyt Sherman Place members will now include one art class a year for anyone joining or renewing their membership in 2022.


The art classes are also available for groups like the Girl Scouts. These groups can sign up for a tour of the historic mansion, gallery and theater and include an art class to earn an art badge.

Contact Janet Mootz at mootz@hoytsherman.org or (515) 452-0610 with any questions you have about signing up for a class or scheduling a guided tour.

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Janet Mootz

Janet Mootz is the Director of Education and Community Engagement for Hoyt Sherman Place in the Sherman Hill neighborhood of Downtown Des Moines (DSM).