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A Look Behind the Scenes of Working for Operation Downtown + How You Can Support the Organization’s Efforts

Operation Downtown in 2023

As we come up on another renewal year for Operation Downtown, we wanted to check in with our Operation Downtown Ambassadors, who play an important role in maintaining and beautifying Downtown Des Moines (DSM). From adding flowers each summer to preserving sidewalks and removing trash, the organization is responsible for keeping the capital city shining and residents and visitors feeling safe. Through all four seasons and large events like the Downtown Farmers’ Market in Historic Court District and the World Food & Music Festival in Western Gateway, Operation Downtown Ambassadors assist with friendly advice, recycling efforts and more.

Operation Downtown Ambassador Q+A

Below, you’ll hear from Sergio Marrero and Lynda Overton, Operation Downtown Ambassadors in Downtown DSM.

How long have you been with Operation Downtown?

Sergio Marrero: One year.

Lynda Overton: 18 years.

Why did you take the job with Operation Downtown?

SM: I like working for Operation Downtown because it makes me happy to keep the city clean.

LO: I like talking to people. I like to interact with and give directions. This job is always something different every day.

What does your day-to-day look like?

SM: During the day, I sweep. We clean graffiti from different spots. On a typical day, you pick up your broom and go. You’re always moving to different spots.

LO: Most of the time, I work in the skywalk with my pan and broom cleaning, panning, sweeping, wiping window ledges down and answering questions. I start at one area and go from there.

How do you make your job fun?

SM: I like talking to people and telling them where to go to eat or giving them directions to different areas.

Why is Operation Downtown integral to the city?

LO: We help businesses keep their locations clean. Someone might notice a pop bottle sitting on a window ledge, and 20 minutes later that pop bottle is gone. We are always looking at window ledges (to keep downtown clean).

Find more information on Operation Downtown at operationdowntown.com or sign the petition to support the organization’s efforts to keep the city safe, welcoming and vibrant.

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