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8 Secret Speakeasies and Cool Bars in Downtown Des Moines

Secret Speakeasies in DSM

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: these Downtown Des Moines (DSM) speakeasies and pop-up bars are the hidden gems you must experience for yourself … if only you can find them first! Get your special password and secret handshake ready.

Secret Speakeasies

  1. Revival House
    316 Court Ave., Des Moines
    Cheers to tiki bar vibes and handcrafted cocktails under the glow of pink neon.  
  2. Black Sheep
    215 E Walnut St., Des Moines
    Known for tequila and Mezcal, great vinyl music and a vampire ambiance.
  3. Shorty’s Somewhat Fancy Bar
    208 Court Ave., Des Moines
    Somewhat fancy, somewhat divey. Located in the basement of RoCA in the Historic Court District, Downtown DSM.
  4. Ken’s – a not so secret speakeasy?
    215 E 3rd St. #100, Des Moines
    Listen to jazz, swing, blues, ragtime and vintage covers while sipping on Prohibition-era cocktails, drinks, beer, wine and whiskey. Enter through Iowa Taproom in the Historic East Village.
  5. Good News, Darling?
    717 Locust St., Des Moines
    This small cocktail parlor has the details perfected, located behind Hello, Marjorie in Downtown DSM.  
  6. Hello, Marjorie
    717 Locust St., Des Moines
    Tagline: Damn fine times. We couldn’t agree more.
  7. Secret Admirer
    110 SW 5th St., Des Moines
    With a pop-up-bar-style atmosphere, Secret Admirer’s outdoor patio space is the worst kept secret and best view of Downtown DSM.
  8. The Red Monk
    210 4th St., Des Moines
    This little hidey-hole boasts 90 Belgian-style beers in addition to an extensive Scotch list available within Royal Mile, located just downstairs.  

Plan your visit to Downtown Des Moines with these tips for parking and navigation, and find additional restaurants and nightlife options.

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