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Des Moines Public Market

A public market at Firehouse No. 1 at 900 Mulberry St. is an exciting concept that builds upon an existing community resource, bringing together local food, art, entertainment, educational opportunities and much more. A public market answers a call from the community by invigorating a creative environment and continuing the vision of a vibrant, collaborative community.

Public Market Renderings

Photo Renderings

Download photo renderings of the public market at the Historic Firehouse No. 1:

Community Collaboration

Kristi Knous, Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

The following organizations are collaborating on the concept and business development of a public market in Downtown Des Moines (DSM): Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, Christensen Development, architecture and engineering firm BBS, Polk County, City of Des Moines, Drake University and the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

Typically, a public market hosts a variety of owner-operated shops or vendor areas and typically provides fresh and often locally grown food or produce for purchase year-round. The vision of a public market is to create a flexible space that further develops a community around local food, art, entertainment and innovation. The project offers a hub for culinary classes and experiences, educational engagement and outreach, entrepreneurial activities and unique events.

Public markets have been successful in other U.S. cities, including: Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Portland and Milwaukee, and many cities around the world. This is an opportunity to bring to life a vision that will have a positive impact on the Western Gateway neighborhood, Downtown and the region as a whole.

Community Support

Jay Byers, Greater Des Moines Partnership

Rick Tollakson, Hubbell Realty Company

Kelly Foss, Downtown Farmers' Market

Contact Information

Firehouse No. 1

Cassandra Halls

Media Inquiries

Courtney Shaw  |  Vice President of Communications
Greater Des Moines Partnership
(515) 286-4919