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Downtown DSM Adventure Series FAQ

Does this event have an admission fee?

Downtown DSM Adventure Stories is open to all and free of charge thanks to our sponsor MidAmerican Energy Company.

Is Downtown DSM Adventure Stories a virtual event?

Although the stories will be read virtually, they are only accessible through a QR code at the selected locations. There are also fun, interactive activities and installed creative elements at the locations that help bring the stories to life.

Where are the stories located?

Check out downtownDSMUSA.com/adventurestories to get up-to-date information on story locations.

How do you start a chapter?

Visit each story's site to learn the starting point. Once you are on-site, you will see engaging visuals for each chapter spread out in a walkable area. At each chapter, there will be a QR code. Once participants locate the code, they should take out their phone, open the camera and then hold the phone up to the code to receive a link to the chapter.

How will you know how to get to the next chapter?

At the end of each chapter, there will be one or more clues that guides you toward the next step in your journey.

Do you have to read the chapters in order?

Each story is written in a loop. This means that you can start at any chapter in the story and be guided to the next chapter. Stumble upon a story? Just scan the QR code and start reading!

What are the Adventure Challenges?

The Adventure Challenges are fun, interactive activities at the end of each chapter that allow you to help bring your story to life! Use the hashtag #downtownDSM, and we'll share your adventures on our social media accounts.

Will there be more stories?

New stories will be added throughout the duration of the series (Aug. 18 through Sept. 8).

How long will the stories be available?

Each story will be available for several weeks after they are announced.