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Who Said There Is No Such Thing as A Free Lunch

Out to Lunch DSM USA

June 25, 2019

Out to Lunch

Well, lunch isn’t free, but live music and a space to connect with colleagues and friends certainly is. Out to Lunch is a weekly event that takes place in various locations around Downtown Des Moines (DSM). From 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., you can enjoy free live music, great food, and a well-deserved break. It gives the perfect opportunity to ditch the stress of the office and relax over your lunch hour. It also creates a different space to mingle with co-workers, clients, friends or family, while enjoying the outdoors. 

If your kids want to visit, or a coworker wants to have lunch, say no more. A diverse group of food trucks and vendors are selected each week. There are always so many options for everyone to indulge. You will find dishes such as tacos, gyros, burgers, teriyaki bowls, crepes and many more (you can even create gluten free or vegetarian options quite easily). But you can’t forget my favorite part, there’s always ice cream. That’s right, always. 

A Vibrant Community 

I have had the opportunity to work on several of these events this summer alongside some wonderful people. Bringing the community together through my favorite medium (food), and seeing these events come to fruition has been a great experience. I think the Out to Lunch series is a good chance for everyone to take a breather, enjoy the sunshine, and break up the workday.  

Iowa only gives us so many nice days in a year, and we should all get out and enjoy them! Who wants to stay cooped up in their office on a beautiful day when there is food and festivities just down the street? If for nothing else, come out and enjoy what we all love most about Des Moines, the people. 

If the idea of getting outside and getting some Vitamin D over the lunch hour interests you, then join us for our final Out to Lunch event this Wednesday, June 26th. This week will feature the Big Red Foodtruck, Hotsy Totsy, Say Cheese, Sunnyside Express, Taco Loco, The Leaf Grill and Wokery and The Outside Scoop as well as music from local performer Ryne Doughty. This week’s event will be located in Cowles Commons, which can be easily reached by DART bus. For more information about routes and navigation in the Downtown area, visit the DART website

The Out to Lunch series is produced by the Greater Des Moines Partnership and sponsored by MidAmerican Energy Company, DART and Federal Home Loan Bank. Find more information on the Out to Lunch series. 

Upcoming DSM USA Events

We are also approaching the Des Moines Arts Festival. If you are passionate about the arts, or just want to hear more live music, then visit the Des Moines Arts Festival this Friday June 28th, through Sunday June 30th. 

You can find more information about music and entertainment happening in Downtown DSM, as well as restaurants and other festivals and events to attend this summer on the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s website. 

Downtown Des Moines (DSM) is a growing, vibrant community that offers the energy, sophistication, housing and attractions of a big city. It’s also easy to visit with plentiful and affordable street and ramp parking options. 

Carly Jacobson

Carly Jacobson is a senior at Iowa State University pursuing a public relations degree. Jacobson is currently working with the Greater Des Moines Partnership as a World Food and Music Festival intern.