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After Living Out of State, I've Learned the Grass is Greenest in DSM USA

Returning to DSM USA

October 6, 2017

Greater Des Moines (DSM) has been known as a great place to raise families, to settle down, to grow up, and to enjoy city life minus the annoying traffic. I was one of the statistics: the child who grew up in the great state of Iowa, graduated from a local university (Go Hawkeyes!), and shortly after graduating moved away from Iowa. My motivation? I simply wanted to explore and live in a new location, and to find work during the economic downturn of 2008.  I will say, I enjoyed my time away from Iowa. The warmer weather in Arizona, the new cultures and meeting some great people along the way were all benefits of my new home. However, my strong affinity and affection for my home state never waned, weakened or faltered. Speaking frankly, it seemed to grow stronger with each year that I was away.

Reminders of the Midwest

Some of the many stereotypes around Midwesterners is that we are hardworking, honest, friendly to our neighbors and of course we all drive a tractor to and from work. Living in a new state and working as a Staffing Recruiter, I was constantly meeting with candidates, friends, acquaintances and business partners some of which happened to be from the Midwest and Iowa. I quickly found that the Midwestern stereotypes continued to hold mostly true (aside from the tractors!). The people that I met from the Midwest while I was out of state were reliable, hardworking, friendly and turned into some of the strongest relationships that I obtained and continue today.

Eight years later, after many adventures out of state, I was no longer able to resist my affinity and affection for Iowa. I moved back to the wonderful city of DSM in spring of 2016 and have not looked back since. Point being, many college grads leave Iowa after graduation, but more and more are finding reasons to return.

A Happy Reunion

Des Moines has grown leaps and bounds since I last lived in it. It is bustling and bubbling with events, concerts, festivals, restaurants and renovations. The city is thriving and growing at a rapid pace and has become a very enticing city to establish a career, buy property and start a family in.

Iowa is the state that people used to leave, but now more than ever, find themselves returning to as they discover the quality of life, people and overall lifestyle are hard to replace. Bottom line, if you are considering moving back or relocating to DSM, the grass is greenest here!

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Kelsey Van Essen

Kelsey Van Essen was born and raised in Johnston, attending college at the University of Iowa and is a Hawkeye fan through and through. As a recruiter with Palmer Group, she recently relocated back to Greater Des Moines (DSM) in 2016 after spending more than seven years in Phoenix, Arizona. She is very excited to be living closer to family, friends and husband.