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5 Breakfast Experiences in DSM You're Missing Out On

DSM Breakfast Spots

October 7, 2021

I like breakfast. One thing I enjoyed while my wife and I were living in Chicago was we could try 10 different spots within a small neighborhood and have some variety. In the past few years, Greater Des Moines (DSM) has seen new spots open up and we have been fortunate to have a list of new experiences. We tallied over 20 spots we have visited in the last year. The best experiences will always be in the “belly of the beholder” but for our family, here are our top places to try out!Shannon Welch Family

St. Kilda Collective


One of our favorite date night spots has also become one of our go-to breakfast ventures. The menu offers up dishes with a bit more intrigue than your normal eggs and bacon. Everything is prepared to perfection and the taste pleases the palette. We don’t normally take the kids here but when we do, I can assure you their pastry counter keeps them happy. Prices are very reasonable, and we have always been able to find a table on a walk-in trip. Located in Historic Valley Junction, the experience also offers up neighborhood shopping if you have some time to kill after eating. I recommend the avocado toast with eggs on top. My wife would tell you the Chili Scramble is a must try. They also have some of the best coffee in town!

Early Bird


This new spot just recently opened, and I will warn you now to get there early on the weekends! The wait can be up to an hour if you don’t get on their wait list (and they don’t take reservations). This spot hits home for us for several reasons. First, it is located on the Waukee/WDM border which is a quick 10-minute drive for us. The second is that it is very kid-friendly. We are always seated around many children and when you have three kids under the age of seven, you feel comfort knowing that your kids are not the only rowdy youngsters in the crowd. The menu is extensive and offers up many choices for all. I would tell you to try the breakfast burrito. Beware, it is very big! For someone who always cleans their plate, I sometimes struggle to get through that last bite. There is a nice add-on menu that is convenient to build breakfast for the kids.

Eggs and Jam


The first visit had me hooked. The walls remind me of my ‘90s childhood seeing all of the rap artists I once listened to growing up. It was something I had never seen and quickly had me intrigued. Again, I first went for the breakfast burrito and was not disappointed. The burrito had flaming hot Cheetos stuffed inside, and for someone who likes a bit of spice, I was in love. The menu also touts some interesting item names like the “You Can Touch This” and “Back that Taco Up.” The drive is convenient for all DSM diners given it is also near Historic Valley Junction. We have been able to walk in with minimal wait, and the kids are welcome here, too. Try the Biscuit Sandwiches; you won’t be disappointed.

Breakfast Club


Located in the Historic East Village in Downtown DSM is another new spot that opened in the past year. Get there early as our one-and-only visit had an hour wait. But that meant it must be good, and there are things to do in the area if you need to kill time. Or, like we did, hit up the bar! They have a nice list of breakfast cocktails, and the coffee was delicious. The vibe was very much a reminder of the big-city energy of Chicago. While the crowd that day leaned a bit younger, we didn’t feel out of place. I would not recommend kids here on the weekend due to the longer wait and the appeal to the 20-something crowd. Try the breakfast corn dogs. They’re a great starter if you have a big appetite. I enjoyed the loaded hash browns, and the menu had a variety of breakfast sandwiches which are right up my alley. We were really excited to see this experience pop up in the city!



This Downtown DSM spot has been around for a while compared to the others, but it is always on our list due to it being family friendly. (See a theme here with the kid friendly locations? ??). What we really like about Americana is their buffet which has been brought back this fall! Our family is made up of picky eaters (the kids) and parents who like a variety of options so having a range of breakfast and lunch items to choose from suits our family well.

Win for all! If you get there make sure you try the build your own grilled cheese experience. I recommend the popper which has cream cheese, jalapenos and Cheetos! After you are done there is always something going on downtown for adults or families. We often hit up the Science Center of Iowa, Downtown Farmers’ Market or do some Historic East Village shopping to walk off all the goodness we just experienced.

Downtown Des Moines (DSM) is a growing, vibrant community that offers the energy, sophistication, housing and attractions of a burgeoning city with a brilliant future. It’s also easy to visit with plentiful and affordable street and ramp parking options.

Shannon Welch

Leader. Dad. Coach. My passion in life is developing people to be better human beings in finding life success. Finding great breakfast experiences in Des Moines fuels the fire. Shannon Welch is vice president of sales for LOCALiQ in Iowa.