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5 Entrepreneurs on How the Raising Capital Seminar Helped Them

Raising Capital Seminar in DSM USA

September 6, 2018

You own a startup company. Your great idea is coming to life. You're on the verge of big things! But there's a problem you need to tackle: Money to scale your business. Does this sound like you? Check out what these startup owners have to say about the Raising Capital Seminar, held annually, in Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Nabil Aidoud, InsuranceMenu

Nabil Aidoud“As a company currently going through an active funding round, participating in the Seminar has proved to be absolutely instrumental. The curriculum was comprehensive and the speakers were actual practitioners with tremendous collective deal experience. It's rare that as an entrepreneur you get an opportunity to ask all of your fundraising questions to such a diverse group of experts in one sitting.”


Casey Niemann, AgriSync

Casey Niemann“The Raising Capital Seminar helped us be prepared to find the right investors and work through the fundraising process efficiently and effectively. The program content hit all the marks you’d expect from a founder-friendly event anywhere in the U.S., and we are blessed to have it right here in Iowa.”


Chad Williams, Five Q

Chad Williams"The resources and learning that I received at the Raising Capital Seminar were super helpful. It gave us the confidence to complete our initial raise and has provided the foundation for future fundraising efforts. I highly recommend the Seminar."



Gregory Bailey, Denim

"Learning from investors, legal experts and other DSM entrepreneurs was a tremendous help as we started our company in 2015. Now, having successfully raised investment in each of the last three years, I would recommend the Raising Capital Seminar for any entrepreneur preparing to raise capital. The Seminar provides a great foundation for learning the ins-and-outs of fundraising for your business."

Kevin Maher, Vet Measure 

Kevin Maher“My participation in the Raising Capital Seminar was very valuable, as I enter the equity funding phase of my 3rd startup company in Iowa. The Iowa based testimonials were very good. The entrepreneurial advisement from experienced legal and accounting professionals was also extremely helpful. I recommend this event for both seasoned and emerging entrepreneurs.”


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