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Partnership Board and Executive Committee

The Greater Des Moines Partnership Board and Executive Committee Members are responsible for helping set and maintain the goals and objectives for The Partnership each year. The board and executive committee are led by Jay Byers, President and CEO.

Greater Des Moines Partnership Board of Directors and Partnership Executive Committee

GOALS: Responsible for governing the affairs of The Partnership, which is organized as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.
FREQUENCY: Executive Committee meets quarterly; full Board of Directors meets quarterly
EXPECTATIONS: Set organization’s mission and policies, set and evaluate yearly goals and objectives, engage in long-range planning, establish fiscal policy by setting yearly budget and providing yearly audits, provide adequate resources and develop and maintain communication with stakeholders.
TEAM LEAD: Jay Byers, President and CEO, jbyers@DSMpartnership.com

Investor Relations

The Investor Relations Committee helps The Partnership monitor and evaluate the ways that the organization can best serve their Investors. Members provide feedback on all Investor-related work plans, events, metrics and benefits and help connect The Partnership to new investment opportunities. The Investor Relations Committee is led by Angie Stepsis, Chief of Staff at The Partnership.

Investor Relations Committee

Economic Development

The Partnership’s Economic Development team aids in site selection efforts for inquiring domestic and international business opportunities and provides growth and development resources for new and existing businesses across the region. The Economic Development team is led by Mike Swesey, Executive Vice President of Economic Development.

Economic Development Board

Economic Development Council

Economic Development Practitioners

Global DSM International Council

Target Industry Council: Advanced Manufacturing

Target Industry Council: Financial Services

Talent Development

The Partnership’s Talent Development team develops innovative strategies to help attract and retain skilled, diverse talent to our region. The team provides educational and professional opportunities for students, developing young workforce members and seasoned professionals. The Talent Development team is led by Jenae Sikkink
Senior Vice President of Talent Development.

Talent Development Board

Future Ready DSM Council

Inclusion Council

Global DSM Talent Council

Young Professionals Connection (YPC)

Attraction and Retention Council

Downtown DSM

The Downtown DSM team drives development and placemaking efforts in the downtown area while also creating a clean, safe and welcoming environment through its vibrant, diverse events offerings. The Downtown DSM team is led by Tiffany Tauscheck, Chief Operations Officer at The Partnership and President, Downtown DSM, Inc.

Downtown DSM Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Downtown Economic Development Council

Operation Downtown Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Downtown Events Committtee

Business Resources and Community Development

The Partnership’s Business Resources and Community Development team ensures that every small business throughout the region is heard and accounted for. The team provides DSM businesses with resources, networking opportunities and events with skilled business professionals to help retain and grow the small business sector. The Business Resources and Community Development team is led by Meg Schneider, Senior Vice President of Business Resources and Community Development.

Business Resources and Community Development Board

Program Committee

Communications and Marketing

The Partnership’s Communications and Marketing Team elevates The Partnership’s message for each of its key areas of work and creating innovative content to drive target audiences to DSM. The team’s strategies support the Partnership’s mission to drive regional economic and community development in DSM. The Communications and Marketing team is led by Courtney Shaw, Senior Vice President of Communications.

Communications Board

DSM USA Ambassadors

Marketing Committee

Public Relations Committee

Public Policy

The Partnership's Public Policy team engages with local, state and federal officials to create public policy that generates economic growth, business prosperity and talent development in DSM. The Public Policy team is led by Andrea Woodward, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy.

Government Policy Council (GPC)

Transit Future Work Group

Capital Crossroads Committee

Capital Crossroads

Capital Crossroads focuses on driving talent success, capturing high-value opportunities and sustainable growth throughout the region.

Affiliate Chambers

The Partnership works with its 24 Affiliate Chambers of Commerce to create a stronger region together. The Partnership’s dual membership model allows members to receive the value of their local chamber’s benefits while also gaining access to additional resources through The Partnership. When an inquiring company becomes a member of their Affiliate Chamber, they are automatically made members of The Partnership. The Affiliate Chamber program is led by Meg Schneider, Senior Vice President of Business Resources and Community Development.

Affiliate Chambers of Commerce

Affiliate Involvement

Affiliate Presidents' Council