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Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan to visit Iowa

September 5, 2014

Governor Yokouchi of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan will lead a delegation to Iowa from September 6-8. The delegation is visiting Iowa to participate in the 2014 Midwest U.S. — Japan Association Conference.

While in Iowa, Governor Yokouchi will host a brunch to thank large donors to the Yamanashi Relief fund. The fund, organized by Iowa Sister States, raised money for Yamanashi in response to a devastating snowfall in February that wiped out a portion of Yamanashi’s agriculture sector. Iowans gave just over $30,000 to this fund which has since been sent to the Prefectural government.

Governor Yokouchi will also take this opportunity to meet specifically with both Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds during a breakfast. Immediately after breakfast, the 3 officials will witness the signing of two partnership agreements. The first agreement will be signed between Des Moines Area Community College and Yamanashi Prefectural University. 

“DMACC has had a long and very successful friendship and student exchange with Yamanashi. It’s great to see what this relationship has done in the lives of the many students who have participated,” said Rob Denson, DMACC President and CEO.

The other agreement to be signed involves Greater Des Moines Partnership/Young Professional Connection; Iowa Sister States; and the Junior Chamber International Kofu. 

“We are excited about the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between Greater Des Moines and Japan, Iowa's third largest export market,” said Jay Byers, CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership. “By connecting our Young Professionals Connection community with that of the Junior Chamber International Kofu, we are opening doors to future direct foreign investment, increasing trade opportunities, and elevating Central Iowa's position in the global marketplace.”

Iowa Sister States (ISS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1985 to manage Iowa’s official relationship with foreign states, as established by the Governor of Iowa.  It is a volunteer organization dedicated to connecting Iowans with the world community.  To learn more about ISS visit our website, join our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter!

Inquiries should be directed to Kim Heidemann, Executive Director of Iowa Sister States at (515) 215-0118 or kim.heidemann@iowasisterstates.org.

About Iowa Sister States

Iowa Sister States (ISS) is a non-profit volunteer organization founded in 1985 to manage Iowa’s official relationship with foreign states, as established by the Governor of Iowa, including: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan (1960), Yucatan, Mexico (1965), Hebei Province, China (1983), Terengganu, Malaysia (1987), Stavropol Krai, Russia (1988), Taiwan (1989), Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine (1996), Veneto Region, Italy (1997), and Kosovo (2013).