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Why Is the Work of Diversity + Inclusion Important During COVID-19?

Workplace Inclusivity

Claudia Schabel, President of Schabel Solutions, provided information on how to drive workplace inclusivity in the COVID-19 era. Claudia also talked about how to be a good leader during times of crisis and how leadership can stay accountable.

How to Drive Workplace Inclusivity

Claudia discussed the best ways that employers can reinforce inclusivity in the workplace during times of crisis. The ability to contribute and share ideas can help bring a diverse perspective to the table. When employers contribute and invest in their company/employees, these are the times that you will see the impact. Claudia also stated that to have a strong organizational culture, it is all about what you do as a leader and how you act.

How to Lead During Times of Crisis

Claudia presented on six signature traits that make a well-represented leader. Trait one is commitment. Staying the course is hard during times of crisis, but if you are committed you will come out on top. The second trait is courage because talking about imperfection involves personal risk taking. The third trait is cognizance. Being biased is a leader’s Achilles heel. As a leader you must be aware of your conscious and unconscious bias. The fourth trait is curiosity because different ideas and experiences enable growth. Listen to your employees, they may have a different perspective to share. Trait five is cultural intelligence. This is important because not everyone sees the word through the same cultural frame that you might. The last trait is collaboration. A diverse thinking team is greater than the sum of its parts. As a leader, you can use these six traits to help you stay accountable. Express gratitude to your team, problem solve and continue to look and plan. This is just a bump in the road that will pass.

Individual Accountability

Being a great leader takes a lot of hard work and focuses your time on the business and employees, but don’t forget about yourself. Claudia shared tips on how to keep yourself accountable, including: being mindful of your feelings; sharing your story and challenges with others; being intentional, thoughtful and recommitting to your mission; and lastly, take good care of yourself. Now is the time to go out and be bold as a leader.

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