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What You Need to Vote at the Primaries on June 5

YPC Primaries Information for DSM

June 4, 2018

The 2018 primaries are here! Candidates in districts across the region are looking forward to your vote on June 5. While most people have voted in the general election, a fraction of those vote in the primaries. Here’s how to get up to speed and involved with the primaries and the candidates running to add their name to the ballot in the general election in November.

Why vote at the primaries?

The primaries offer a unique experience to get involved to shape how our communities will develop in the future. Within all political parties there are different views which can differ as much as the parties themselves. By selecting candidates to represent each party at the ballet box in November, the primaries offer voters the chance to shape the issues going forward. Each political party’s position can change depending on the representatives selected through the primary process. Primaries offer a way to shape your selected political party’s position. If you have ever said, “I lean… but...”, then this is your chance to have a say.

Policy decisions are shaped by those who show up to vote.

Primaries 101

Primary season is in full swing. There have been candidates join and drop out already at all levels. This year, half of the Iowa House and Senate are up for election. The governor, secretary of state, auditor of state, treasure of state and attorney general are each up for re-election in November too. 

To vote in the primaries, you will need to be a registered with that respective party. You can register or update your registration online, through the mail or on June 5 at your polling place.

For more information check out the Secretary of State’s website. Registering online took me less than two minutes. Once registered, it’s important to learn about your primary options. 

Finding information

There are several webpages that have plenty of information to get you started. This includes a list of candidates, an easy way to find your districts and a way to find your polling places. From there, you can research the different candidates. 

The Des Moines Register has information on the candidates and news about what they have done in the past. There are also many aggregator sites with candidate information such as Votesmart, Ballotpedia and Our Campaigns. These can be a good resource to find out a candidate’s voting history, past offices, funding and news.

Following candidates on social media or sending them an email can help you stay informed and have your questions answered in a more direct manner.

How to vote

  1. Register
  2. Find your polling place
  3. Show up June 5!

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Jonathon von Arb

Jonathon von Arb grew up in Urbandale within Greater Des Moines (DSM). He is an Army veteran and currently works for Mercer in DSM as a Testing Coordinator. He serves as the 2018 Civic Chair for Young Professionals Connection (YPC).