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Top Five Ways to Create Memorable Marketing

Memorable Marketing Top Five

In an upcoming Top Five event with the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Lisa Even will discuss authentic social media marketing during an interactive Top Five session. The event will focus on creating a business tagline, content creation time savers, creating buzz and more.

Lisa Even Q+A

What is your expertise?

I tell people that I am a Speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Joy Connoisseur, but by background I have a degree in communications and have spent my career in Project Management and Operational Leadership.Lisa Even

How long have you been in your area of business?

I have been an entrepreneur for a little over two years. I moved back to Greater Des Moines (DSM) to start my own business and like many, ran into lots of challenges when COVID hit.

What is your session about?

Memorable Marketing. Developing an Authentic Brand. Marketing for a business is hard, and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. In this session we will talk about business tag lines and how to develop memorable social media content that provides value to potential clients and offers to help. Participants will walk away with three strategies to implement.

Where did the idea for your session come from?

When I started my business, I was an unknown. I had just moved back to Iowa and didn’t have a network of people or brand. I remember how hard it was to get started and to know where to focus, or even what people cared about. I started sharing on social media and quickly realized there was a trend on engagement. My audience cared about:

  • Have Good Ripple Effect – this is my business tagline. I always say, “Everything you do and say is a ripple, happy or crappy, it’s your choice.” (… in a loving tone of voice!)
  • My mission to connect with 1 million people – I spend a portion of my week doing inspirational coffees and afterwards I share a nugget on social
  • My connection conferences – Rising Tides (see my website for all the details) Bringing big thinkers and high achievers together for a unique experience focused on connection, growth and learning. #WaveMakers!

What can attendees expect to learn from attending your session?

  • How to develop memorable taglines
  • Authentic social media content
  • Creating genuine offers to help

What value will the content in your presentation bring to the small business community?

I always call them breadcrumbs, the things you put in your backpack for later. I will bring the inspiration, energy and actionable steps to creating everyday content.

How does your content focus specifically on business activity in DSM?

I love being in DSM, it is such a vibrant community, and I know that the content will resonate with the unique set of business professionals who call DSM home.

What are you most excited about when it comes to your upcoming presentation?

The Ripple Effect! After the presentation, I hope that the attendees connect and that I get to celebrate them as they develop memorable content.

What is one piece of advice that you’d give to small business owners based on your experience?

Authenticity and actionability is key! People remember those who are authentic and those that are doing bold things (even if they are small things). Contact Lisa Even

How can interested attendees learn more about you?

Register here for the Top Five event on Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 9 a.m.

For more information on the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Top Five series, visit the Business Resources page. While there, be sure to register for the next Top Five series. Learn more tricks on how to maximize the potential of your business through The Partnership’s through the Small Business Resources Hub.

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