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Top 5 Tips to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

Top 5 Social Media

We all know social media is extremely important these days, especially in business. But not everyone knows how to utilize social media most effectively to spread their message. As Social Media Strategist (Adam) and Media Account Supervisor (Karlyn) to the Bucket Media team, we combined our knowledge and expertise at The Partnership’s latest Top Five event to equip you with tools to take your social media to the next level.

Building a Solid Foundation

Building a solid foundation for your social media is important if you want to drive success. Because social media is a means of direct communication between your business and the general public, it is crucial to establish a sustainable practice that reflects the company’s voice and upholds its values. Taking into consideration that no two companies are alike, it makes sense that no two social media strategies will look the same. However, there are several best practices that are applicable to everyone — no matter how big or small. 

Additionally, it’s important to understand the differences between organic and paid social media and how you can take advantage of both. There are vast opportunities that become available when you put your dollars into social media marketing and the difference can be felt on your business.

Maybe you have some solid ideas on how you would like to use social media, but aren’t quite sure how to execute them, or you find yourself struggling to engage your audience. The great thing about social media is that there are so many different ways you can get your message out there!

Enhance Your Brand

With social media, not only do you have the power to enhance your brand, but you have a direct relationship with your customers. How you respond to feedback, both positive and negative, can work in your favor when handled properly. There are many ways to interact with your audience — finding the right method for your business is key. 

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The digital world is constantly evolving, providing us with resources that can take your social media a step further. Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends in social media, including potential emerging platforms. This is an easy way to maintain the edge on the competition.

Social media is an ever-changing world and if your business is not utilizing it for the betterment of your company, then it’s time to learn how. If you are utilizing social, now is the time to find new ways to elevate your brand!

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Bucket Media, Adam Mallette and Karlyn Nosbusch

Adam Mallette is Social Media Strategist at Bucket Media. With nearly six years of media industry experience, he has a passion for staying ahead in the media industry. Karlyn Nosbush is Media Account Supervisor with Bucket Media and plays a key role in developing media strategies for clients in the Greater Des Moines (DSM) office.