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Support Your Favorite Musical Acts Through DMMC In For Lunch Playlists

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May 1, 2020

Thanks to streaming sources like Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music many of us can appreciate about any song from any artist at any time, which is great for music lovers. But how does it help the musicians whose music you’re streaming? As wonderful as it is for musicians to have their music available to anyone around the world, there isn’t much of a profit for streams. Read about artists earning profits from streams here.

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Spotify Playlists 

While the article estimates an artist will likely earn $0.00437 per stream ($4.37/1,000 streams), streaming can still add up. Iowa bands, like Halfloves, have had more than 229,000 streams on their song, “A Little Lie,” by being added to Spotify playlists from music news sources. Another Iowa act, LAV.ISH have had their single, “Pass it Around,” streamed over 555,000 times on Spotify due to being included in playlists as well. These playlists are often created with the hope that fans of the various playlist acts and the music news source will continue to share the playlists to more listeners.

It’s great to have your favorite music ready to stream at any moment, but if you really love an artist make sure to share their music, share our DMMC In For Lunch playlists or head over to the artist’s website to purchase or download the music straight from the source, so you know you’re supporting the act directly.

Arin Eaton and Dana Karen Meat


Bandcamp, another viable streaming source for many musical acts, have recently waived their revenue share on certain dates so that all purchases made through their services will go directly to the musical acts. On Friday, May 1, Bandcamp will again waive their fees to support artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Iowa City act, Karen Meat, will be making something special out of Friday by offering their first three Karen Meat EPs for Friday only on their Bandcamp page, karenmeat.bandcamp.com. The band will then take the music off their Bandcamp site the following day. If you love a musical act, Friday would be a great day to support them by seeking out their Bandcamp page and picking up that album you’ve enjoyed, ordering some merch or simply downloading a digital album. Most Bandcamp pages can be found by typing in the artist name followed by .bandcamp.com. (Examples: karenmeat.bandcamp.com, or thehighcrest.bandcamp.com).

Stream the DMMC In For Lunch playlists, share what you love or go directly to the source by heading over to their website or Bandcamp page! These are all great ways to support local musicians you enjoy … and you’ll get some pretty great songs out of it as well!

You can count on The Partnership to continue to share accurate and fact-based updates as well. See more on COVID-19 here.

*Header image photography by Jonah Jenson of LAV.ISH performing at 80/35 in 2019. Karen Meat photography of Arin Eaton and Dana Karent Meat by Michael Watson/Forever Gold. Jordan Mayland photography by Jeremy Kim Photography.

Jordan Mayland

Jordan Mayland is program coordinator at the Des Moines Music Coalition.