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Spindustry Turns 25! Or 250 in Internet Time

Spindustry in DSM

October 15, 2021

Spindustry hits 25 years here in 2021, which is a great accomplishment, and we think that is something like 250 years in “Internet Time.” When Spindustry opened its doors in Greater Des Moines (DSM) back in 1996, we were a small group of employees focused on database development using Microsoft Access to solve business problems. Jump ahead 25 years and a lot has changed but in many ways the goal remains the same — help other businesses grow through digital transformation.Exterior Spindustry Sign

It is rare to be around at the start of an industry, ride its ups and downs and to still be looking at an unlimited future. There have been many world events, some more technology related than others, to navigate including Y2K, 9-11, the recession of 2008 and, of course, COVID-19 throughout 2020/21.

In that same time, the Internet became widely used, social media came of age and mobile devices changed how people interact with each other and the world. Through all of that, Spindustry adapted, chose which technologies and opportunities to focus on and helped its clients do the same.

“When Spindustry started, the Internet was new to businesses — and people — and having a website was a big new opportunity and a big stress for organizations. They did not know if it was a fad or a worthwhile investment, let alone the future flagship of their marketing efforts — and then social and mobile accelerated all of that again,” said Bird. Today, a proper website is “a branch office” allowing for e-commerce and other functions, moving its importance beyond a sole marketing function.

The Future of Spindustry in DSM

Spindustry has grown into a company of more than 30 professionals with varying marketing and technology skillsets. A good question then is what is next for us. Today, we focus on two main opportunities:

  1. Building e-commerce and sophisticated web-based solutions. This includes solving e-commerce challenges for manufacturers, distributors and dealers. Data integration and navigating the complexities of dealer channel relationships are focuses for us.
  2. Building solutions based on SharePoint and Office 365 to create intranets, manage data, and connect businesses with their various locations and constituents.

Helping Iowa’s manufacturing community is also a big push for us at the 25-year mark. While we can help clients all over the country, it is exciting to help other Iowans succeed. Helping a manufacturer sell parts and equipment online or better support their dealers can be big revenue to those firms. The pandemic has shown us business can be done digitally and we invite businesses to look at all the opportunity that we can create. Meeting with businesses and helping them see the potential to expand their footprint is very rewarding.

“I am proud to have led this organization along with my team for 25 years. In the next few years, we will continue to bring up new leaders internally, help businesses navigate a new world in which people are comfortable doing business remotely and, of course, be prepared for the unexpected. If the last 25 years is any indication, it should be exciting,” said Bird.25th Anniversary Party

Spindustry would like to extend a huge thank you to our clients, team members (past and present) and the Iowa community for 25 wonderful years! We celebrated our anniversary recently with a party outside our office (hope you were there) at which we saw friends, business partners, past employees, community leaders and more. We were very touched by all that could make it and the kind words from those who could not be there.

You can learn more about Spindustry and our 25th anniversary at spindustry.com. You can also contact me directly at mbird@spindustry.com for anything you need.

Greater Des Moines (DSM) has one of the best business climates in the country. The region is nationally recognized for having a talented and educated workforce, a cost of doing business 13% below the national average, a low cost of living and an exceptional quality of life.

Michael Bird

Michael Bird, CEO of Spindustry, is one of the founding partners of Spindustry which began 25 years ago. Michael graduated from the University of Colorado and moved to Iowa shortly thereafter to work for EDS. Michael lives in Iowa with his wife and two children.