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Promoting Employee Wellness at Nyemaster Goode

Employee Wellness

April 8, 2022

Monday StairsTaking care of your employees is part of creating a successful culture within your business. At Nyemaster Goode, we place an emphasis on teamwork to cultivate wellness and productivity. The firm holds weekly health-focused stair climbs to encourage team building, as well as encourages celebrations like holiday dress-up days to promote fun and creativity in the office. Recently, this has included celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween (as you can see below). 

St. Patrick's DayWellness at Nyemaster Goode

You’ll find Nyemaster Goode employees climbing stairs every Monday at Noon. From the skywalk level, climbers add their names to a signup sheet before heading for the 18th floor and, finally, tallying their number of floors for the day. The event is firm-wide and urges employees to be a part of teambuilding and wellness efforts in a unique way. 

Staff Outing at RicochetHoliday dress-up days at Nyemaster Goode are always a fun time. You can see photos from our 2021 Halloween Walk, as well as our recent St. Patrick’s Day celebration. 

Aside from dress-up days and weekly workouts, activities like the Chili Cookoff allow Nyemaster Good employees to get creative and win prizes for their chili recipes. This year, first place took home a $25 gift card, second place received a $15 gift card and third place a $10 gift card.Blood Drive

Aside from the stair climbing outing, the Nyemaster Goode staff enjoys getting together locally at venues like Ricochet, a newly opened space with a full bar and tons of games — pong, darts, cornhole, bubble hockey, to name a few — located in the heart of Downtown Des Moines (DSM). Checking out the latest local spots opening in DSM is a lot of fun for the staff! That particular outing included food from Historic East Village eatery, Franka PizzeriaWalk to Capitol

Nyemaster Goode strives to create wellness and networking opportunities for all employees, while also finding ways to support local businesses in downtown and the region. If employees feel heard and continue to be invested in, that is good for both the staff and the business over the long term. Consider how your business is caring for its employees and look for new ways to engage with members of your staff. Keep mental and physical wellbeing top of mind so your employees enjoy an active and mutually beneficial workplace.

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, your wellness should be a top priority. Learn more about getting active and keeping tabs on your mental health here.

Doug MacDonald

Doug MacDonald is director of marketing at Nyemaster Goode in Greater Des Moines (DSM).