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Workplace Wellness

Heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other chronic health conditions are responsible for driving health care costs. In fact, according to the 2010 Iowa Employer Benefits Study, with one in four Iowa adults suffering from obesity, inactivity or heart disease, health insurance premiums increased at an average rate of 13 percent among all Iowa employers. These rates can significantly impact both employers and employees.


Workplace wellness programs and initiatives include: 

GetActive DSM

 Employers can support their employees and encourage wellness in the workplace by downloading the GetActive Workplace Wellness Toolkits. These toolkits include a number of user-friendly wellness resources, such as health facts, healthy workplace activities and daily health tips, that employers can share with their employees. The toolkit also provides a checklist of actions to help employers get their workplace wellness programs up and running. 


TEAM Training

 The Greater Des Moines Partnership helps sponsor the Teaching Employees Accountability Matters (TEAM) training program for employees and first-time supervisors. TEAM training encourages employees to feel more engaged in the workplace, benefitting both employee satisfaction and productivity. Learn more and download the training guides.

TEAM Training


Healthiest State Initiative 

The Healthiest State initiative is a privately led public initiative intended to inspire Iowans and their communities to improve their health and happiness. To achieve that goal, individuals, families, businesses, faith-based organizations, nonprofits and the public sector have united in a community-focused effort to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation. Learn more here!

 Healthiest State Initiative

Wellness Capital

The Partnership encourages communities and businesses to help make the region a national model of wellness by leveraging existing capacities and governmental, nonprofit and corporate wellness efforts into a holistic wellness program. A regional wellness initiative envisioned in the Capital Crossroads regional vision plan would serve many capitals: business, social, human, environmental, physical, governmental and cultural.

Healthy Iowa Worksites Toolkit

To help area businesses implement worksite wellness programs, the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Health Promotion Unit and the Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Division have created the Healthy Iowa Worksites toolkit.

Well-Being Index

The State of Iowa ranks #9 for well-being. The Well-Being Index score evaluates basic access, healthy behavior, physical health, work environment, emotional health and life evaluation.