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Partnership Perk: The Value of a Chamber Membership

Partnership Perk Chamber Membership in DSM USA

June 9, 2017

In Greater Des Moines (DSM), small business and the entrepreneurial spirit add much to the landscape of the community, playing a vital role in the growth of the local economy and the character of the region.

As a Member of your local Chamber, you become a Regional Member of The Partnership, with access to exclusive resources and benefits. In working together, Chambers and The Partnership can create a stronger network of community support and outreach through multiple initiatives that have a huge impact on the region.

The Partnership's Outreach Initiatives

Business Development

Empowering small and large businesses alike to build relationships and solve issues within their business is a focus that makes the community thrive. The Partnership is eager to connect local business leaders and bring their passion for their business to the forefront in a way that helps other business leaders succeed, creating the best business environment for the region. Through networking and volunteer opportunities, as well as Chamber Nights throughout the region, new connections are easy to make through organizational committees and other activities. You can even connect by becoming a voice for The Partnership and the region as a DSM USA Ambassador!

Marketing Assistance

Through weekly and monthly newsletters and publications, as well as through various social media channels, The Partnership’s marketing programs share the region’s successes and alert Members to upcoming events and opportunities. Our website, DSMpartnership.com sees roughly 7,537 visitors every month. That’s a lot of potential eyes on your business!

Economic Development

We are stronger together! Working closely with each Chamber and local leaders, The Partnership is better equipped to assist businesses with growth. Our team works closely with economic development leaders on all levels across the region. Initiatives like Capital Crossroads ensure the region prospers for the next generation, with continual planning for the future.

Workforce Attraction and Retention

Educational and development opportunities help create a vibrant, passionate workforce. The Partnership’s Career Center also aids in matching employers to prospective employees. Tools such as the Young Professionals Connection (YPC) connects young professionals with each other and offer a multitude of networking and professional development opportunities, while inclusion forums and multicultural receptions help retain top talent in the area.

Public Policy 

While Chambers can communicate business needs on the local level, The Partnership can advocate for the business community at all levels — local, state and federal. This is powerful as it allows businesses the opportunity to share their story, their individual needs and their concerns with multiple policymakers who could be instrumental in driving positive change. From the DMDC to Washington, D.C. to a focus on improving education in the region with EDGE, the regional leadership available in DSM continues to drive future success.

Check Out Your Local Chamber

By joining your local Chamber, you are ensuring the community can expand with both local and regional business development and growth. Automatically, you become a Regional Member of The Partnership, assisting in raising the quality of life for all DSM communities.

With a 6,000-strong Membership and a collective voice, we can elevate the economic vitality of the region and continue to grow DSM and its surrounding cities. Learn more about Partnership Affiliate Chambers and about Partnership Member benefits.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership is the fourth largest regional Chamber of Commerce in the nation. Learn more about our Affiliate Chambers and browse our Membership Directory. Read more blogs highlighting Chambers of Commerce and business resources in DSM.

For specific inquiries, please contact me at (515) 286-4934 or mschneider@DSMpartnership.com.

Meg Schneider

Meg Schneider serves as Senior Vice President of Business Resources and Community Development at the Greater Des Moines Partnership. She is a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level executives in successful nonprofit organizations.