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Local Singer-Songwriter Celebrates DSM with Memorable New Tune

Good Morning Des Moines

October 8, 2020

Good Morning Des MoinesGreater Des Moines (DSM) Singer-Songwriter Andrew Hoyt released “Good Morning Des Moines” in January of 2020. Hoyt discusses the upbeat single and his own feelings about DSM below:

What Inspired You to Write “Good Morning Des Moines?”

Andrew Hoyt: I was inspired to write an anthem for DSM that people could relate to. I wanted to celebrate this city and the people in it. DSM has given me so much in my pursuit and passion for music and this was my way of saying “thank you.”

What Do You Hope Listeners Take Away from the Song?

AH: There’s something about bringing people together that is inspiring and I wanted this song to do that. I hope it encourages us to be proud of this city that we call home. I have this really positive feeling about DSM and I wanted to translate that into song form!

Have Your Feelings About DSM Always Matched the Way You Write Them in the Song or Have They Evolved Over Time?

AH: My thoughts about DSM have definitely evolved over time. I always wanted to move out of town when I graduated high school (DC-G), but after coming back home from Wartburg College I’ve really enjoyed the new restaurants, breweries, places to go and music events. Many of my friends and family live here and I haven’t regretted coming back. I think I can vouch for many others that call DSM home!

In the Song, You Call DSM the “City of My Heart.” What is it About DSM That You Think Creates This Sentiment for the People Who Have Lived Here?

AH: DSM is such an inviting and welcoming place. It’s always felt “homey” to me, and I would like to think that if I grew up somewhere else, I would feel the same as a visitor. The Downtown Farmer’s Market really reflects DSM in the most genuine way in my opinion. Local vendors, people supporting people … and you always see at least 10 others that you know on Court Avenue.

How Are You Managing All the Changes Within the Live Music Industry Because of COVID-19?

AH: It’s really given me a chance to step back and decide how I will move forward as an artist. I was playing three to four shows a week while working at my full-time teaching job before COVID-19. It was both exhausting and insanely fun. I’ve now decided to pursue shows that highlight my artistry rather than just playing show to show for experience and adventure. It’s been a good way to change my perspective and think more seriously as a songwriter and performer.

Finally, What Are Your Top Three Places to See in DSM + Why Do They Make the Top of the List?

AH: The Des Moines Farmer’s Market is a must. The breweries here are phenomenal as well. The bike trails lead you to most of them, and they all rock. If you’re a musician or enjoy playing music, Uptempo in Beaverdale is the cutest music shop and they know their stuff. I always love going there because it’s local.

Find out more about Hoyt’s music at andrewhoytmusic.com or listen to “Good Morning Des Moines” here.

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Andrew Hoyt

Andrew Hoyt is a singer-songwriter in Greater Des Moines (DSM).