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Kinseyco COVID-19 5-Step Digital Marketing Strategy

COVID-19 Digital Marketing Steps

September 15, 2020

Kinseyco, a digital marketing agency, specializes in website design and supporting businesses as they communicate with customers. Here are my top five ways to set up a digital marketing strategy in a time of crisis, and specifically, during COVID-19.

Perform a Website Check

Make sure your website includes the name of your company, what you sell and the value your business can provide. Your website should help you maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients to build trust and influence their purchasing decisions. It should also strengthen your brand and increase overall profit.

Web pages should be simple, clean and easy to understand. Don’t make clients hunt for information. Write short paragraphs and use bullet points and headlines.

Communicate Immediate Updates to Customers

During COVID-19, create a landing page or statement to include on your website. Use pop-ups for signups and prompt website visitors to purchase, contact or act in some other way. Be clear about what is going to happen if they fill out a form or buy something from you.

Use Consistent Branding Across All Platforms

Be strategic about your communication and plan for updating information when things change. This is an opportunity to lead your organization through crisis. Send emails, plan social media posts and consider live-streaming. Your audience is looking for action from your brand.

According to Edelman 2020, 71% of people will abandon a brand they perceive as putting profits before people. Don’t try to capitalize on the current situation. Show empathy and communicate through community efforts.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Even during a crisis, there is opportunity to try out a new marketing strategy. Look into Facebook Live, YouTube vloggin and TikTok ads. You might also consider online webinars and podcasts. Pick where your customers are most likely to be and focus your marketing efforts there.

Build Strategic Digital Content

Build your reputation online with strategic content like media placements, testimonials, awards and memberships. Let customers see what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and where you’ve been successful. Focus on these four tips:

  • Create an FAQ with common questions answered in one place.
  • Become efficient in your day-to-day messaging.
  • Let your brand shine.
  • Boost your SEO ranking.

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Colleen Kinsey

Colleen Kinsey launched Kinseyco to provide opportunities for women around the world to earn income in technology. She has been featured in media outlets from BuzzFeed to Travel Oregon. Colleen serves on on the ABWA board and is a West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce member.