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Do Small Businesses Need to have Perfect Customer Service?

Customer service in businesses

February 18, 2019

Anymore it is a cliché to state that your company provides excellent customer service. About every business says this, but what does it mean?

Let’s face it. Excellent service means something different to each one of your clients or customers. Therefore, the only way to deliver exceptional service is to slow down to set the appropriate intentions and uncover their expectations. This might be simple but implementation it isn’t as easy as it seems.

There is a lot of psychology behind this. When we are promised a memorable experience, we automatically start looking for proof. The purpose has been set to elevate their commitment to match their intention.

How to Customize Your Service

There are always going to be ways your team can customize the service they provide. Examples include understanding different personality types, asking better questions and connecting emotionally with clients. But at the end of the day, consumers will look beyond a lot of mishaps when they know the intention was to provide excellent service. Consumers aren’t looking for perfection. They are looking for professionals who are trying their best.

In order to support this thought, think back to your last memorable customer experience. Was everything exactly the way you wanted? Did every word the professional state create a warm-fuzzy feeling? Or did you overall connect with them because you had a sense that they had genuine feelings of concern or empathy for you and your situation? 

The Referral You Want and Need

These type of intentions by our team matter because they greatly impact the financial bottom-line. When clients believe they have received outstanding service, they are much more likely to refer business to you. Consider the impact this would have on the bottom-line if a higher percentage of your clients or customers were referring business on a more consistent basis.

What if you took a step further and created amazing client experiences that compelled them to tell a friend or write a positive review? What if it is really that easy? What if asking the right questions and customizing your approach could make this happen? What kind of impact would this have on the immediate bottom-line and more importantly over-time?

Let’s start with the average worth of your client. Once you learn about the psychology of customer service and how to mine with intention, you can expand the impact of your brand faster and easier. This is because you are going to have a much bigger budget to pay for marketing and advertising. If you know how to provide exceptional service, you can manage the kind of growth that a good marketing and advertising campaign can provide in a sustainable way. Without it, you are just simply throwing money at a problem.

Content was covered at a Top Five event featuring guest speaker, Tiffany Tokark. For more information on the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Top Five series, visit the Business Resources page. While there, be sure to register for the next Top Five series.